Friday, 1 May 2009

Close Encounter of the Prickly Kind

Let Bobby out for his late night jaunt in the garden. Normally he goes through to the front garden at this time but last night something caught his attention as soon as we went out of the back door. I could just make out a dark shape so I nipped in for the camera. I could hear him barking and by the time I got outside again there was nothing in sight. Bobby was listening intently and moved over to a couple of old wooden garden chairs.

I'm Sure I can Hear Something

I shone the torch in that area and Bobby went in for a closer look.

Bobby finds the Hedgehog

There, as far into a corner as it could get, was the local hedgehog. I had hoped it had survived the winter as there were baby hedgehogs in the garden last year. Having taken a quick photo we transferred to the front garden so Bobby could do what a dog needs to do before bedtime and left the hedgehog in peace.

Here is a bit of video I took last summer when a young hedgehog was about in broad daylight.


  1. What a great find in the garden John, and a nice clip of the young one.

  2. There you are John, I told you I enjoyed following Bobby's adventures and here he is with his latest!

    All of the dogs we have had have been fascinated by hedgehogs, although I don't remember Louis spotting one in the garden last year.

    Lovely bit of video, hope you get some more of this year's hedgehogs.

  3. I am lucky here Keith. There has been at least one hedgehog around virtually every year for at least the last 18 years.
    I was surprised to see the family out in full Sunshine last year - even more so for them to hang about for me to get some video.

  4. Jan: Bobby doesn't have a lot of adventures - too busy catching up on his beauty sleep. I'm not sure whether he hears or smells other animals but he can locate a cat even though it is out of sight in someone else's garden.

    Years ago I had a Jack Russell type pooch which used to come in at 11pm with his head covered in fleas when he found Hedgehogs. I sat on the kitchen floor many a night combing and picking them off and drowning them in a bowl of soapy water.

  5. You are indeed lucky to have hedgehogs.

  6. A very interesting post and a lovely little piece of video.

  7. How lovely to have a hedgehog visiting and well done Bobby for finding him.

    The hedgehog seems fascinated by something down by the half-logs - and going back to the same spot. Something for a possible meal perhaps :D

  8. Tricia - I think little hedgehog had just lost its way. A little further left or right and s/he could have got behind the logs which is probably what s/he wanted. In the end it did wander off to the 'wild' end of the garden.

  9. Re: Many thanks for visiting. It was a great privilege to be able to film a hedgehog so close up.

    Mick: Thanks. I enjoyed taking the movie which is quite a bit longer. The main problem was keeping Bobby away and operating the camera at the same time!

  10. Your video focus is so sharp! Whenever I upload a video file to YouTube I lose all resolution. Any tips?

  11. Hi Suziam48: Thanks for visiting.
    That bit of colour video of the Hedgehog is on Flickr not YouTube. Unfortunately Flickr has a 90 second limit to bits of video but at least the quality is kept.


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