Friday, 15 May 2009

Drenched + Hanging on by a Claw

Walkies this morning was a time for both of us to put on our waterproofs. At least we could do that. The poor old birds really did look a sorry sight as they went about the daily business of feeding themselves and gathering enough to feed the kids back home.

Rain Soaked Birds

The only one looking reasonably dry was the juvenile Blackbird who seems to have adopted my garden as a source of easy food. It spends most of the time under an old wooden garden seat next to the feeders and pops out to pick up a morsel and then back under cover.


It is a while since a certain visitor came to the feeders.
Recognise this tail? I bet you guessed who the owner is.

IMG_3267tail Grey Squirrel

Squirrel Nutkins, of course. I was once again marvelling just how tenuous its hold is when reaching for food. Those claws on the back legs must dig in well accompanied by good strong muscles to support the weight.


A piece of video I took last year as SN raided a peanut feeder with those back claws just hooked over the edge of the slate cover.

At last the Sun is poking through the clouds, just as well as the pond has been toppped up nicely but is very near overflowing now.

Last night when I went to put out a bit of food for the Hedgehogs the smaller one was already there on the paved area so I gently scattered the little bits of peanut. Little hog stayed for a short while making quite peeping noises but eventually ran and hid. It was soon back for its supper (breakfast really) once I had gone back indoors.


  1. The rain had been threatening here for two days and finally arrived late last evening. My goodness it did rain. Louis took a few steps up the road and then dragged HLH straight back home again!

    Your poor birds do look soggy, lovely photo of the juvenile BB and very amusing squirrel captures!

  2. Hi Jan: It started raining gently about 8pm last night and seemed to go on until midday today. Not a deluge but definitely became heavy and persistent. I think the pond has risen by over an inch.

    Bobby goes walkies no matter what the weather but I can see Louis not wanting to get his curly coat wet.

    While the Sun came out I was pleased to see the young Blackbird practising flying between some bare branches in an old tree.

  3. Squirrels are fascinating and that's a great video clip. It looks as if you were very close. We don't have squirrels out here in Aus. - but I watched them for hours when I was in the USA a few years back.

  4. Great shots and video of the squirrel, looks like he's been practicing that move!

    It's not stopped raining all day here, hope the weekend is better.

  5. What a lovely post and great piece of video John - sure brightened up my day. The quality of the video is excellent (expect another email.....)

    We had a bit of sun here, but the rain - well rained - last night and it's been really drizzling again this evening. I'm looking for the "rain - off switch" but just can't find it!

  6. Hi Mick: Thanks for the nice comment. I suppose I was about 15 ft away, in the kitchen. The camera has a 30X optical zoom which helps get close to things. The grey squirrels are an imported pest. They have decimated the native red squirrel population.

    LBJ: Thanks. I think you are correct. It has had plenty of practice at attacking the bird feeders. I'm forever chasing it away.
    Hope you get a rest from the rain. We needed some but enough is enough as they say.

    Tricia: Thanks. Yes the day did need brightening up a bit to say the least. I think your ran over the off switch with that mower of yours. :)
    Re. email - fine, no problem.

  7. You gotta feel for the birds this weather, haven't you. It's ok for us, we can stay in, but they've still got their routines, like you said.
    Great pictures John, and that's a smart Blackbird, keeping under cover like that.
    Great acrobats those squirrels.

  8. Hi Keith: You certainly have to feel for all the furry and feathered creatures in poor weather that's for sure.
    The juvenile Blackbird is becoming more adventurous and seems well able to look after itself.
    Love watching the speed the squirrels can leap from place to place.


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