Wednesday, 27 May 2009

How Many Starlings fit in a Dog Bowl?

Yesterday was a non-day. I was so tired I joined Bobby most of the time in sleeping the day away. Don't know why I get days like that. It just happens from time to time even though I haven't been missing night time sleep or doing anything energetic. I didn't even get the cameras out.

I am not in the best of moods as it has taken over an hour to get a connection to Tiscali this morning - not for the first time. Anyway here's hoping that the connection stays open long enough to upload a couple of videos.

First one of Honey taken a couple of nights ago.

Secondly - While I was watching the invasion of Starlings and their broods this morning I spotted these youngsters who had decided that a small dog bowl of water I put down for the Hedgehogs would make a fine bath. Now I know why the water was so filthy yesterday when I changed it.


  1. Hope you have a better day today ~ I did mention that Bobby had a mesmerizing look about him when he was dozing off ~ I bet you fell under his spell ;)

    A lovely little video of Honey ~ she certainly has a good snuffle about...

    Those starlings in the dog dish are too funny! I bet they were making a racket, too. A silly bunch, indeed, but very entertaining.

  2. I get days like that John, when all I want to do is sit, or sleep.
    Love that clip of the Starlings, so comical to watch. Would brighten the dullest of days watching their antics.

  3. Hi Glo. Much better today, thank you. I don't know whether I catch it from Bobby or he from me. :)

    Watching the young Starlings really cheered me up as I was so annoyed trying to get the broadband connection going. The racket was awful - even through double glazing - but they are always entertaining.

  4. Yes Keith, it's been going on for years so I have learned to 'go with the flow'.

    The Starlings are great free entertainment - just wish they had a volume control. I had to laugh at one outside the bowl which seems to be trying to wash in the water being splashed by the others.

  5. That's three of us then John, I get days like that too.

    I enjoyed both the videos, Honey was having a really good supper there. Why is it that of all the Blackbirds, finches etc. the only birds that instantly turn the water in the birdbath into mud are the Starlings? and they empty it so quickly too! It really goes along with the rest of their hooligan behaviour! I feel really sorry for the little birds who just want a nice drink!

  6. You are correct there Jan. The Starlings really are hooligans. Often I have seen adults take the food from a young ones beak and eat it themselves. I haven't seen any other bird do that. You can see why they grow up so argumentative.

  7. Frustrating when you get days like that John, but glad to hear today is better.

    Really enjoying your videos and yes, starlings are not the cleanest of bathers! It must be great to have your resident hedgehogs visiting every day now.

  8. Thank you Tricia. Much better today, unlike the weather.

    I put out a few crushed peanuts each evening and somebody always comes to enjoy them. I gave up on the tinned cat food as that was ignored. There should be plenty of natural food for the Hedgehogs by now anyway. I don't want them to become too dependant on free meals.

  9. What a lovely website. Just found tonight. We have been feeding two hedgies for about 3 weeks now having thoroughly researched all the do's and don'ts. Expecting them in about an hour! We have had two very strange birds on the lawn for two days, late evening and early morning. Think we have identified them as young blackbirds. We fed an adult blackbird all winter/spring and he was a very STRANGE character - a one off! He actually selected what HE wanted to eat and made it very clear if I had put out mealworms and suet sticks that he wanted sultanas and vice-versa. He had me in a panic more than once! Therefore we think these are his "son ofs". We are not clever on video etc. but I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your photos. I was surfing for young blackbirds and I think from your photos that this is what we have. I shall visit you often. Sorry to post as anonymous but not sure what the other options mean.

  10. Thank you for visiting and your kind comment Anon. It is great to hear about another Hedgehog lover. That sounds like a really bossy Blackbird :) I haven't seen any young Blackbirds for quite a while. I guess yours must be a late brood.

    If you have your own blog then that is usually the first choice (when I comment it automatically puts in Midmarsh John in the first choice) otherwise Anon seems a safe way to do things. Also you could put your first name, initials or nickname at the end of your comment.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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