Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Juvenile Blackbird

When I went out to the shed for the first time today I spotted a bird I had not seen before. Such a beautiful orangey brown chest and back. I though it was a type of thrush with the speckles on its chest. Then, having noticed the black tail I began to think it might be a juvenile Blackbird. I had to look it up to make sure. It appears healthy and well developed and has been feeding on the food scattered by the Starlings aggressive feeding on the bird feeders. It has been easy to get within about ten feet though it will fly out of sight if I get too close but it soon comes back. The bird has been in the garden all day and I hope it can find a safe place to roost tonight.

Juvenile Blackbird

A couple of times the youngster tried to get Starlings which had food in their beaks to feed it. Needless to say they didn't really think that was a good idea. Throughout the day there have been several adult Blackbirds visit the garden but none have made any attempt to feed the youngster but it does appear to be able to feed itself without any problem.

The male Blackbirds have been scooping up seeds from the lawn so they are still feeding young somewhere.

Blackbird Collecting Seeds

How do they pick up so many seeds without losing the first ones?


Here's hoping that the juvenile finds a suitable roost for the night and we shall see whether it is in the garden again tomorrow.


  1. Love that last close-up, amazing how they can keeping picking stuff up without dropping any. Hope the little one makes it through the night.

  2. Great photos and video, MJ. That's an interesting question regarding the beak and the seeds - I wonder if there is some flexibility in the attachment of the lower part of the beak, or if it is down to beak shape, or if he chooses seeds in descending order of size, or some other reason?

  3. Lovely photos and video John. It always worries me when the juveniles are about, there is a neighbouring cat just waiting to pounce, mind you Louis gave it a good run for its money this morning, hee hee!! ;~)

  4. Lovely pictures of the young visitor John. Let's hope he's about in the morning.
    That adult has certainly got a beak full in the last shot.

  5. Thanks all for the comments. The young one was in evidence this morning - so far so good.

    Paul: I suppose you have to be quick in picking up things so the previous ones don't have a chance to drop out. I have watched Blackbirds with beaks full of grubs put them down and then pick them up again, presumably arranging things safely for carrying.

    Rob: I have no doubt a study has been done somewhere at some time but finding it is always the problem. They certainly juggle the order they pick things up and rearrange it sometimes.

    Jan: Far too many cats around here though Bobby, like Louis, does his best to see them off.

    Keith: The juvenile colouring really is startling, much brighter than it shows in most photos. All present and correct this morning.


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