Thursday, 21 May 2009

Saving Energy

Well, the morning started off beautiful and sunny and I thought we were going to have another lovely day like yesterday but as I sit here I am being deafened by the sound of hail pounding on the plastic roof of the conservatory.

Just a couple of videos today. First a compilation of three clips showing a male Blackbird gathering as much seed as he can get in his beak at one time. Certainly saves energy on the number of flights back to nest to feed the kids. In the last clip there is even a worm in with the seeds.

Second, a little video of Bobby doing what he does best - saving energy. He is desperately trying not to nod off while his ears are searching for the slightest sound which means there might be an opportunity to deafen someone.


  1. Love the way Bobby has got his paws crossed like that; he looks so relaxed.
    And that Blackbird certainly has a beak full.

  2. Hi Keith - Bobby often crosses his front legs like that, as you say it makes him look very relaxed.
    The juvenile Blackbird still visits so I don't know whether the parents are on a second batch or different pairs stagger their nesting times.

  3. Bobby looks to be a very contented dog. The blackbird certainly has more than a beak full!

  4. Hi Mick. Bobby is about 11 years old now so is slowing down but sighthounds are couch potatoes anyway, apart from a very quick burst every now and then.

    I'm always amazed how many things a bird can get in its beak at once.

  5. Hi there John :-)

    Great to see all your videos, I guess your latest piece of kit is working a treat. I am thinking you enjoy making videos as much as I do. Great capture of the blackbird collecting food and Bobby relaxing!

    I had bother with Blogger the other night/day too. They must be having probs.

    Love your latest visitor, quite a handsome chap. Great Jackdaw pics too. My, your garden is a busy place at the moment – I wonder what will arrive next :-D

  6. Hi Shirl. Thank you for your kind comments.

    Yes I do enjoy taking videos. There are times when a still photo, no matter how good, isn't able to tell the full story.

    Even today Blogger was slow. It took well over an hour after I posted it before this entry showed up.

    I was really thrilled with the Turtle Dove, sadly only seen twice so far. Now many broods are fledging activity is getting back to normal.

  7. Bobby is so beautiful John, and how lovely to see him in action! Well sort of in action!! He really is a sweetheart and I too thought how relaxed he looked with his paws crossed.

    Your Blackbird certainly seemed to be 'bulk buying', how busy the parent birds are at the moment, we have an invasion of Starlings and their young, it is mayhem!

  8. Oh my goodness...your little dog is adorable. Watching him almost fall asleep was so sweet. Energy conservation is a good thing (and funny too on your site). ;-)

  9. Hi Jan.
    Bobby says thank you. He perfectly fits the description of being a 60mph couch potato. Even with worn out aching joints he can hit a good speed when the occasion warrants, otherwise shuffling to find the most comfortable spot is as lively as he gets.

    So far this year the Starlings haven't brought their broods to the garden. Last year they were so funny to watch I was really looking forward to filming them.

  10. Hi Kelly. Bobby is a real Sun worshipper and spends as much time as he can just lazing in the garden. He doesn't want to miss anything which is going on but has a job to stay awake. Then again - I know that feeling some days!

  11. I was amazed that the blackbird continued to peck for more, even after securing a prize worm! He looked like he was bulk shopping! Very enlightening blog entries :) Like the rest of your readers, I was taken with the casual way Bobby crossed his paws. He nearly had me drifting off ~ such a mesmerizing video... It was a nuthatch and a bee for me today!

  12. Well your blackbird certainly has the prize for not wasting energy; and so does Bobby come to that :D

    Sorry you had hail; I think we had the first day without any rain!

  13. Hi Glo. I was surprised it kept picking up seed when it had the worm. Sometimes the Blackbird will put everything down and the pick it all up again, maybe rearranging the order so they fit the beak better.
    It's hard to get video of Bobby doing anything but as he is the equivalent of being in his mid 70s in human terms I don't blame him.

  14. Hi Tricia. It is amazing how much a Blackbird or a Starling can carry in its beak.
    Although we need the rain we can definitely get too much of a good thing sometimes. At least the hail shower only lasted a few minutes.

  15. Lovely photos and videos John..... and Bobby is great too :) :)

  16. Hi Gilly. Thank you for the kind comments, from both of us. Have a great weekend.


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