Wednesday, 20 May 2009


This is more a test as yesterday's TWO HEDGEHOGS and a JACKDAW entry didn't show in the updates from Blogger for some reason.

Only the large Hedgehog showed up on camera last night. I had put a little chopped tinned cat food on a saucer to see if it would be eaten. Hoggy had a good sniff at it a couple of times but by the time I went to bed it had not eaten any. This morning the saucer was empty so something had a good meal.

Also I have gradually been increasing the amount of visible light where the Hedgehogs feed. I have used some solar charged spotlights which are not too bright and should allow the hogs to get used to the idea.


  1. Thank goodness, things seem to be back to normal now John. Something definitely went wrong yesterday during the afternoon, I think google must be tinkering as one afternoon last week my followers disappeared for a while and I noticed many others had the same problem, most unsettling!

    Glad you are still having hog activity.

  2. As you say Jan, most unsettling as you begin to think you have done something wrong. I had a look at the Blogger help pages earlier and found quite a few people with the same problem. I also emailed the RingSurf moderator for the UK & Ire Nat.Hist ring in case he knew what might be going wrong.

  3. Great post of the Jackdaws and video of the hedgehog. Jackdaws are amusing to watch in any environment.

    Perhaps in time the reason for the hedgehog's behaviour will be revealed. It's interesting how the smaller one just watches it's companion.

    Glad things seem back to normal on Blogger - it is a bit temperamental at times.

  4. Thanks Tricia. Following on from that video clip the little one gazed in the direction the larger one had gone for about a minute before it settled down to eat.

  5. Oooh - perhaps it's in love!


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