Monday, 21 September 2009

200 and Still Waffling On

Back in January this year, when I first took the plunge to start this blog, I had doubts that I would find much to write about but here I am at entry number 200 and still waffling on about the goings on around my garden. I have been surprised by the number of visitors and the very kind comments left by many. A big thank you to you all.

There is not a lot to report at the moment. I took some photographs yesterday of the few plants which are still in flower. My white Hibiscus bush has been in continuous bloom for over a month. I don't think I have ever seen so many flowers on it.


The small standard rose is showing its second flush of red flowers.

Red Rose

Under that is a self seeded yellow flowering plant which I have to cut back from time to time otherwise it would take over the whole garden.

Yellow Flower

One small weeping standard bush in the front garden is a mass of red berries. It is another I have to cut back otherwise the trailing branches layer themselves and start rooting.

Red Berries

The petals on this flower are hardly noticeable but has been attracting dozens  of hover flies and still attracts scores of wasps - right next to the front gate.


 Well, that is about it for number 200. Another 114 days and the blog will be one year old.


  1. Some great colour still around in your garden John. The weeping bush is wonderful but I can understand why you have to keep it in check. I inherited a holly tree that had re-rooted itself. Took weeks to get rid of it.

    Hibiscus - lovely!

  2. Yes Tricia. There are a few plants still showing colour. I have several small weeping bushes and they all need pruning every year otherwise they trail all over the place.

  3. Gosh! You have done well to write 200 pieces in nine months. Many congratulations, John.

  4. Congratulations on your 200th post, you have gone from strength to strength throughout the year! If I remember correctly I had the honour of being your first follower and now look!

    Your garden photos are beautiful, so colourful. I love the Hibiscus and the rose is a stunning colour!

  5. Thank you Emma. Most of the time there has been something of interest in the garden going on or maybe I just notice more as the camera is usually 'at the ready'.

  6. Thank you Jan. I just had a look back at the first tentative posts. You are probably right about being the first to add to the followers list.

    It is a pity there are only a few flowering plants at the moment, not that I have many which flower anyway, mostly just greenery.

  7. Hi again John :)

    I had a little spare time (well there was plenty I could have been doing really!) so decided in honour of your 200th post to remind myself of some of your great earlier posts and my goodness you have maintained a very high standard throughout, looking at the ones back in March which was when I found you, it doesn't seem two minutes since I read them before, how quickly this year has gone! The quality of your photos throughout has been outstanding! By the way did you ever find out what happened to the Kingfisher Lodge carving?

    PS. I see that when I discovered your blog on March 1st you did indeed tell me I was your first follower :)

  8. Tut tut Jan - just think of the size of your Round Tuit :) You are making me blush with your kind comments.

    Yes, the year seems to have flown by. I know I spent more time watching the local wildlife instead of getting on with chores but the home hasn't fallen down and the garden isn't overgrown (well not much anyway).

    Kingfisher Lodge is about 15 miles away so I don't have any contacts there. Also I don't use that route much since I retired. Maybe the people moved and took the carving with them though it would have needed a crane to move it. I must remember to call in the village shop there and make a few enquiries.

    Take care Jan and many thanks for being a 'regular'.

  9. Congratulations on 200 John.
    These pictures are beautiful. The Hibiscus, lovely; but that weeping bush is a stunner.

  10. Thank you Keith. The weeping bush is definitely a vigorous grower.

  11. Congratulations on the 200! We are comparative newcomers to your blog, but always enjoy it, and we've been working our way backwards, catching up on all the goodies we'd missed. Many thanks for sharing the wonderful photos and videos.

  12. John, the real trick comes in mid Winter when nothing is happening in the garden and you end up posting about 'my favourite trug' or some such nonsense! - still I look forward to some stunning snow and frost pictures from Midmarsh!

  13. Congratulations on your 200th post, John. Your photos, videos, and observations are fascinating. I'm amazed at your creation of wires and cameras ... obviously you are in your element here. It's lovely to see your fall colour and hopefully it will be a pleasant autumn for you. Looking forward to seeing more, and hope before long some hedgehog family will find your little welcoming home. I haven't had much time to respond lately, but have enjoyed reading and looking at your posts. Here's to the next hundred! I think my next post will be my 200th too! ~ but it's taken much longer!

  14. Thank you Twosie. It is always a nice extra when people enjoy browsing through the blog.

  15. Hello Matron. I fear entries are already slowing down.I know what you mean about finding things of interest in the depths of winter.A couple of years ago it would have been - Neighbour's Tree Falls on My Roof - or - Back Garden Disappears Under Water but I can do without that sort of excitement. I'll just have to dig out my old trug :)

  16. Hello Glo. Thank you. I am relieved to see you are well. I was beginning to worry about you as you hadn't written recently on your blog. I do have the advantage of being retired and not having a family to occupy my time.

  17. Congrats on your 200th John, gosh… I hadn’t remembered you were still a youngster ;-)

    Great photos here, I always enjoy your photos and your videos… especially the hog ones. You always have interesting tales to tell too. Wishing you continued success and fun with future postings :-D

  18. Thank you Shirl. Yes - second childhood :)

  19. I'm always surprised how much still is in flower in September; Red Clover, Knapweeds, Upright Hedge Parsley,
    Congrats on your 200 and the 1st birthday!

  20. Yes Yoke. There is still quite a bit of colour around.

  21. John,

    wow, number 200! What a benchmark to reach. Don't stop now! You have a devoted audience looking to you to get us through the winter. No pressure ...


  22. Hi Wilma. I have been quite surprised how many regular visitors there have been and that I have found material to keep going. Finding different things through the Winter may be difficult. I can but try.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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