Thursday, 3 September 2009

A Few of the Usual Visitors

Just a few photos from yesterday.

I am pleased I bought the extra feeder for the Goldfinches as this was the early morning sight. (BTW the grey bin you can sometimes see in the background is my wormery)


Later on one youngster was so exhausted having to find its own food it fell asleep on the perch.

Young Goldfinch

Amongst the youngsters visiting was this Greenfinch busily picking up seeds the others had dropped.

Young Greenfinch

I think we need a bib to catch the water running down the chin.


Last night was very wet and by the look of the amount of food left in the dish this morning I think the Hedgehogs gave my garden a miss.


  1. What a magic shot of the young un asleep at the feeder

  2. It was a bit of a surprise Terry. It dozed for a while, ate a bit more and then flew off.

  3. That's a full house in the first John. What a lovely sight to see in the mornings.
    That sleeping youngster is a great capture.

  4. It is getting full Keith. It's suddenly gone from two at a time to eight at a time. It certainly did brighten up a very dull, miserable morning.
    It tickled me the way the youngster tucked its head in and nodded off for a while.

  5. Hi again John, love the new colour coordinated feeders. That sleeping juv is just brilliant – great capture. Wishing you a great weekend :-D

  6. Ahhh....the little sleeping goldfinch is so cute. I like your bird bath--natural and pretty looking, and the drinking goldfinch is cute too!

  7. What a wonderful sight! You are so lucky to see so many beautiful birds at the same time, and the sleeping one is one of those really special photos. Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

  8. Expansion to the Bird Bistro in the form of a new feeder seems to be a big hit! It must be the combination of tasteful decor and seeds ;) Seeing them all enjoying their breakfast must have brought you much pleasure ... it's nice to see that your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

    Very cute little one dozing off ~ reminded me of my the baby chickadee with its eyes closed swinging on my suet holder.

    The colourful photo of the goldfinch having a drink at the birdbath is lovely, bright and clear. We've spoken about bibs before to catch errant seeds, so I thought I'd see if one would work to catch a drip...what do you think?

    The handy thing about this particular bibbity-bobbity-bird-bib is that it can be rolled up when finished with, and tucked under wing or beak (much like the Tommee-Tippee Roll 'N' Go bibs for humankind).

    I really didn't want to add anything to that beautiful picture, but you did mention a bib...

  9. Hi Shirl. As for colours - I have to buy what they stock :) It was sweet watching the young Goldie tuck its head in and nod off.

  10. Hi Kelly. Would you believe me if I told you the bird bath is made of concrete? It used to have a brown tint but that faded in the sunlight. There used to be a local family firm making all sorts of beautiful garden ornaments from concrete but unfortunately they closed down over a year ago.

  11. Thank you Twosie. The Goldies do make quite a splash of colour when they all arrive at once. I am very lucky to have so many round here. Yes, the little one nodding off was one of those 'one off' photo opportunities.

  12. Hi Glo.
    I get lots of enjoyment watching the birdy visitors and the group of colourful Goldies really puts the icing on the cake.

    You have done it again. That bib should do the trick and keep its feet dry!

    Young animals always look so cute when they are taking a quick nap before they burst into life again at full speed.

  13. They look really beautiful all feeding together John, they have definitely taken to your garden.

  14. Hello Jan. They do make a lovely sight when they come as a group.

    Hope you and yours are keeping well. Have a nice weekend.


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