Friday, 18 September 2009

Friday at the Flicks

They are back. One adult and two juvenile Magpies have returned to the garden. The only time of day to see them together is just after first light. Here one juvenile is clearing up seed left over from the day before.

The Goldfinches continue to visit as a group but now instead of the youngsters chasing the parents for food the parents are tending to hog the old feeder and chase the youngsters away.

The Blue Tits are regulars again. This one enjoying a sunflower heart.

Last night Honey was still feeding when Bobby went out to say a quick hello. I don't think Honey was too pleased as she left in a hurry returning later to finish her meal.


  1. How nice to see all those Goldfinches like that.
    I've noticed a lot more activity in the garden recently too from the birds.

  2. I am still chuckling about Bobby's appearance on video, he looks such a gentle boy :)

    I loved the Goldfinches, the adults have definitely told the kids it's time to leave home and fend for themselves!

    The still capture on the Blue Tit video would make a lovely photo on its own with that gorgeous Sunflower...great stuff John!

  3. Your bird feeders are busy places. It is nice to have so many birds to watch close by. I liked the gentle way Bobby said "hello"!

  4. Hi Keith. The Goldie numbers seem to be increasing. There were ten of them together this morning. I think the insect population is falling off now the temperatures are down so the birds are looking more at the feeders now.

  5. Hi Jan. Bobby seems to have got used to the hogs being about and loses interest if they don't move.

    I was pleased part of the Sunflower got in the act. I must try to get a still photo like that before it fades.

  6. Hi Mick. Yes the feeders have become popular again now the temperatures are lower. Sometimes there are so many small birds it is pure bedlam as they try to find a free perch. It is lovely to be able to watch them from the kitchen window.

    Bobby can be very gentle most of the time.

  7. Fabulous movies John...I could hear the program that you were listening too while I watched the birds...wonderful. :)

  8. Thank you Crista. I had my little nine inch TV on in the kitchen while I got our breakfast.


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