Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Honey's Supper Interrupted

The night before last Honey didn't arrive until just before midnight. Last night she was back on the early shift spending about nine minutes stocking up with the dried mealworms, crushed unsalted peanuts, sunflower hearts and raisins.Then she nipped across to the water bowl for a long drink. No sooner had Honey walked back for her second course when one of the local cats walked through the feeding area. The moggy took no notice of Honey but by the way she wrinkles her nose Honey was not too happy. After tucking her head down for a while Honey decided to vacate the area. Mind you, she was back twelve minutes later to carry on where she left off.

This cat seems to visit the garden a couple of times each night. It wears a collar so I assume it is not a stray. When I saw that Honey had disappeared for a while I let Bobby out so the moggy didn't stay for long.


  1. I love the way Honey guzzles the water John and she certainly didn't seem too impressed by being interrupted at the dining table. Was it my imagination or did Honey's spines rise just after the cat walked by? It was very noticeable how she was sniffing the air after it had passed by. I suppose she couldn't have felt particularly threatened though or she would have rolled into a ball.

  2. No Jan. It was not your imagination. As she lowered her head the spines definitely stuck out more. This may be an automatic thing or may have been a deliberate defensive move.

    I don't think she approved of the smell of cat but then nor did Bobby who went hurtling down the garden to make sure it left in a hurry!

  3. First John love your new ID picture you were a very cute little boy :). I feel like a fish out of water today...I hava caught up on all your wonderful posts. I love your spider wonderful capture John. Your flowers in your garden are stunning and I'm amazed they are still hangin in. Very beautiful. Honey is a natural star John...love your videos. Have a wonderful day :)

  4. Hi Crista. I think things have gone downhill since that photo was taken. Definitely a lot less hair :)

    There have been a few chilly nights but today the temperature outside has reached 21.5C so the flowers keep going in spite of the lack of rain.

    I think that last video was the first time Honey has really looked like a Hedgehog to me; with the prickles above her head and the long pointed face. She seems a bit of a character on the quiet and nothing puts her off her food for very long.

    Today was going well until my grocery delivery arrived with no frozen stuff. Apparently a freezer had blown up and flooded the store out, even cutting off their computer contact. I did get my papaya though!

  5. Hi again John, great video capture. Yes, I spotted the spines and head tuck too.

    Funnily enough last year I got footage of a cat passing a hog feeding too but in that case it didn’t bother at all. The cat sat only a few feet away for some time watching my pond (probably for mice) before walking on by :-)

  6. Hi again Shirl. Maybe Honey and that cat have met up elsewhere.

    I don't think Henry would have bothered. In fact he would probably have bulldozed the cat. I wonder and worry what has happened to him as he hasn't appeared at all for quite a while.

  7. It was interesting to see Honey prickle up as the cat approached. I think the cat would be much more interested in any bird visitors...Honey doesn't look too appetizing with all those tooth picks poking out of her! Do you recognize the cat? Does it belong to a neighbour? There's one next door here, that I refer to as Mr. Sneaky because he is forever sitting under bushes or even on the deck rail looking at the bird feeders!

  8. Hello again Glo. That cat is a nuisance, often hanging around the bird feeders. The way the cat gave Honey a wide berth it may have sampled a tooth pick or two in the past :) I have no idea whose cat it is.


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