Monday, 14 September 2009

Hungry Greenfinches, Hedgehog Visitor

A while ago I had a clip of a parent Goldfinch being pursued by two hungry youngsters. Early yesterday morning I watched another adult Goldfinch trying to cope with three youngsters who were following from branch to branch calling and fluttering.

Later in the day the same thing happened to a parent Greenfinch. It had gathered a crop full of seed from the feeders and descended to the lawn pursued by three hungry little ones. Unfortunately the clip is not very long as Bobby chose that moment to get out of bed and go in to the garden. I quietly told him to "come here" but he stopped in the doorway and the birds flew away.

My one visiting Hedgehog paid its usual visit soon after dark, I wonder what happened to the large one as I haven't seen him for quite a while. Two visits were made to the feeder but last night the water dish was ignored.

Not that it went without water. After the second session of mealworm scoffing it wandered towards the path at the back of the building. There it decided to have its drink from the dish I leave out for Bobby. Then it scurried at full speed along the path and disappeared from sight.

This morning I checked through last nights recordings to see if any other hogs visited while I was in the land of nod. Unfortunately not! Just the same one making more return visits for mealworm snacks.

I switch off the white lights when I go to bed so the late night video is just lit by a few IR LEDs in the camera.


  1. Hi, I have just recently found your blog and I love it. I enjoyed your video clips, especially the young green finches being fed by their harassed parent. Young Goldfinches have been appearing in my garden over the last two weeks, chasing their parents around, demanding to be fed. I feel slightly sorry for the parents, they must wonder what have they done to deserve such demanding children:-)

  2. Another lovely post John, I especially enjoyed the Greenfinch video, it really must be very demanding being harassed like that pretty well all day long! As for the Hedgehog, it certainly likes its food, my goodness, it tucks in well!

  3. That poor Greenfinch. I bet he'll be glad when they can fend for themselves lol

  4. Thank you for visiting Lynmiranda and your kind comment. You have many great photos of flutters and other creatures on your blog.

    It is not so bad when the little ones are in the nest as the parents can snatch a break but once they are being followed everywhere it must be exhausting.

  5. Thank you Jan. Sometime I get the impression that the parents would love to fly to a corner and have a good scream every now and then. :)

    The hogs are eating for ages but they don't seem to get through much at any one time.

  6. Hello Keith. I think all the parents are relieved when the kids find their own food. It's a good job it only takes a few days,

  7. Ahhhh John loved the Greenfinch movie. Poor thing couldn't feed the children fast enough. I finally got here I've been having the worst computer problems. My computer is on it's last legs John...I'm sure it's as old as dirt!!! Grinds away. But lately I can't get onto any of my blogs that I today I'm using my Husbands lap top. I don't like lap tops...but it seems I have no choice until I get some more ram.

  8. Oh dear, Crista. Sorry to hear you are having computer problems. Hope you manage to get it sorted out without too much expense.


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