Friday, 4 September 2009

More of the Regulars.

What a grey day! Yesterday it rained most of the day, partly that fine drizzle which you cannot see but soaks you in a few minutes interspersed with heavy downpours. I will admit the ground, and my pond, were desperate for water so I shouldn't grumble too much.

I was able to stay indoors but wildlife has to keep up the daily round of searching for food so all the usual feathered visitors were still visiting the feeding area.

How is a bird supposed to eat when all the seeds have stuck together?
Feeding Time

I'm sure he puts the tastiest seeds in the middle on purpose!
Dig Deep

Make way! I'm going to find somewhere dry to eat.
Make Way, I;ve Got Mine

I do look handsome now I'm getting my adult feathers.
Nearly an Adult

If you saw the Goldfinch on the bird bath yesterday where I mentioned it needed a bib to catch the drops of water then you can see it with a bib added by Glo of Porcelain Rose if you click here. Glo says, "The handy thing about this particular bibbity-bobbity-bird-bib is that it can be rolled up when finished with, and tucked under wing or beak (much like the Tommee-Tippee Roll 'N' Go bibs for humankind).". Nice one Glo.

No sign again of Hedgehog activity before I went to bed. Quite a bit of the food had gone from the dish by this morning so they may have moved to the late shift again.

For any of you who don't read Shirl's blog - Shirl's Gardenwatch, her new post Sh.. Hedgehog Napping has some great video of a Hedgehog in the new Hedgehog House. Well worth a visit. I haven't seen any sign of activity in my hog house as yet.


  1. Lovely photos - I had a smile at them all.

  2. Amusing read John thanks! :) Very becoming bib for that little feathered one too! The colour suits well.

  3. Thanks Mick. Some photos seem to cry out for a caption.

  4. Thank you Pam. Glo is a dab hand at creating amusing pictures from real life photos.

  5. Great pic of the Chaffinch in flight whilst the birds in the background look pretty content to retain their respective perches & continue feeding for the duration. Linda

  6. Cracking pictures John, especially that Chaffinch flying. So sharp.

  7. It is so true that the very fine drizzle seems to really drench you, I have always noticed that.

    The photos are lovely John, and the captions just right!

  8. Thank you Jan. It is fun to try to think up captions some times. I never was one for taking things too seriously for long.

  9. Thank you Linda. There was lots of arguing going on as at that time there were more birds than perches in spite of the weather.

  10. Thanks Keith. It is always a bit of luck when the lens focusses on the wanted part of the shot. That one turned out just right for once.


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