Monday, 2 November 2009

The Early Magpie

Since I turned the video camera which used to observe the Hedgehogs round so it looks across the garden it has been interesting to see which birds are the early risers. Most mornings there is a Blackbird busy looking for scraps by 6.30 a.m.. This morning it was followed about 15 minutes later by a Magpie just as it was light enough for the camera to go back to colour.

There has been no sign of the Heron for several days, not since I fixed the wildlife camera permanently in position so it could monitor 24 hrs a day. Another bird with a built in camera detector?!

There is a pleasant bit of Sunshine this morning. Very welcome after a couple of dreary days. At one stage yesterday morning I wondered who kept ringing the door bell. In the end it kept ringing continuously so I had to remove the bell push. With the Southerly wind blowing heavy rain on the front of the building water had entered the push and was triggering it continuously. Having left it indoors to dry I put it back in position this morning and it appears to have come to no harm and works perfectly.


  1. glad the weather has picked up, good here this morning. Not for long I suspect.

  2. Hi Adrian. It definitely looks like a much colder week ahead with light rain a lot of the time - if the local forecast is to be believed.

  3. He's certainly finding plenty to eat John.
    Love the way they strut around as though they own the place lol

  4. They do look as though they own the place Keith. As do the Rooks and Crows. I love watching the way they have to swing their bodies when walking around.


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