Friday, 20 November 2009

Friday at the Flicks

Who will be king of the ground feeder?
Collared Dove or Magpie?
(No sound on this one)

Earlier in the week I showed photos of the fat ball rain as a Rook attacked the feeder. Here you can see just why pieces were flying all over the place. The Rook was having problems balancing for two reasons. There was a blustery wind but also if you look closely at the large photo here you can see it has one deformed foot. I often saw this bird at the feeders last Spring so it seems to be coping well.

Finally one of my favourite visitors - a Goldfinch tucking in to Nyjer seeds.

I hope you get some decent weather this coming weekend so you can enjoy watching the antics of the wildlife around you.


  1. The rook video is just great!

  2. Thank you Wilma. They certainly go for it when free food is in the offing.


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