Sunday, 1 November 2009

Wet and Windy Sunday

I think this sums up how we both felt this morning.

Fed Up with the Rain

We were lucky at 7 a.m. when Bobby took me for my morning constitutional as the rain arrived about half an hour after we got back and continued for the next four hours. Only a few brave Sparrows and the odd Greenfinch braved a drenching to grab an early meal. The sound is not me frying eggs and bacon for breakfast but the rain beating down near the microphone in the shed wall.

As I write this the worst of the rain seems to have passed through but there are still very blustery winds out there.


  1. What a beautiful photo of Bobby! Yes, I suspect that look summed up how a lot of us felt today. The video could almost have been taken in my garden with the trees swaying and the rain lashing down.

    Oh goodness did you have to mention egg and bacon? you have put that in my mind now!

  2. Not a very nice day at all here either John.
    I think Bobby sums up the day perfectly in that shot.

  3. Hi Jan. I think most of the country felt like that some part of the day. This afternoon got really windy, especially out in the open field.

    I didn't have to mention them. It was just the devil in me ;)

  4. Hi Keith. Such a change from the middle of the week when it was short sleeved shirt weather for a couple of days. Bobby, as a dedicated Sun worshipper, was well and truly cheesed off.

  5. Aye John November is here, tomorrow looks half reasonable, the rest of the week a right off.

  6. Hi Adrian. I shouldn't really moan about half a day's rain considering how much you seem to have had. ;)

  7. What a lovely photo! Buddy is just like that when the weather is bad. He refuses to go out into the back garden, I don't know how his poor little bladder copes sometimes... but it does!

  8. I used to have a dog like Buddy, Matron. He would cross his legs all day if it was the slightest bit damp. I would have to push him out some days. Bobby will always go for a walk no matter what the weather and occasionally make a dash for the cover of the bushes at the bottom of the garden.


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