Monday, 8 March 2010

AudioBoo replaces eSnips for me

This is just by way of a test.

Regulars may remember I had problems uploading the recording I had made of a birdsong to eSnips. Their automatic checking kept refusing the file as a possible copyright infringement. I emailed their techinal department at the time but they have never been back in touch.

This morning I discovered another site, AudioBoo, which is free to use and so simple to create an account and upload files. I uploaded the same mp3 file as a test.


Once the file is on the site it is just a question of copying and pasting the code for their player into my blog. Job done.


  1. Hi John, the little player works OK.

  2. Thank you for letting me know Linda.

  3. works great and is super fast with no time spent buffering.

  4. Hello Keith. It is nicely uncluttered, unlike some.

  5. Thanks for the information, Wilma. Nice to know it works OK for others.


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