Sunday, 28 March 2010

Colourful Starling, The Moon, Pond Water Tastes Best

Look at a Starling in dull weather and they seem to be a very drab bird, black or dark grey. On the other hand when the Sun is shining at the right level their feathers appear to glow with a multitude of colours.

Colourful Starling

As the sky was clear last night I decided to take a sturdy tripod outside so I could try the 100-400mm lens to see how it would cope with photographing the Moon. I was quite surprised and not a little pleased with the results which contained good detail even after cropping.

MOON 27 March 2010 a

MOON 27 March 2010 b

I wonder what is special about pond water. Although Bobby has a bowl of water next to his food bowl it seems that the water in my nursery pond must have a taste more to his liking.


A good job he was drinking from the opposite end to the place where I had put the frog spawn for safety.


  1. Bobby is dear! Love your Starling photograph!

  2. Starlings are colourful when seen in sunlight, I agree. Good pictures of your moon, I tried to get some pictures of the moon sometime ago, but I do not have a tripod, so my picutres were not clear like yours, my hands were too shaky. I shared a house with a nurse who had a ginger cat called Orlando. This cat prefer drinking water from the loo than from his own dish.

  3. Beautiful shot of the Starling John, they are very colourful in good light.

  4. Hello Linda. When the sunlight is at the right angle Starlings can look quite beautiful.
    When I tried to photograph the Moon hand held the pictures were pretty blurred. What did work was resting the lens or camera on a high fence but the tripod was much better.
    Animals do get up to some strange antics.

  5. Thank you Keith. I have been trying on and off to get the colours to show up on a Starling.

  6. yes, dogs do tend to drink water from the most unsavoury of places! I suppose frog spawn is the least of your worries (maybe not for the frogs though!)

  7. Beautiful shots of the Moon John.

  8. Hello Matron. I suppose all the little bugs swimming around give the water extra body.

  9. Thank you Roy. The new lens does quite a decent job when I give a chance.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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