Friday, 5 March 2010

Friday at the Flicks (A bit of Spring Cleaning)

Some video clips from this morning's activity in and around the Blue Tit nestbox. A thorough investigation of the surrounding area followed by the removal of some of the dried grass stalks I put in last Autum when I cleaned the box. Sound Track - Rumores, a MIDI file played on a Roland keyboard.

This is just the sort of activity observed last year a few weeks before an attempt was made to build a nest so things are looking up.

What a kerfuffle trying to upload the file. I have had nothing but problems with failed uploads ever since FireFox was upgraded to v 3.6. Google Gears no longer works with Firefox so bulk uploading is out and normal single uploads often fail. The last few times I have had to resort to using IE.


  1. I wonder why it was taking the grass stalks out? allerigies? hayfever? TV makeover?

  2. Hello Matron. As they make their nest with moss I would guess it is getting rid of the stiffest bit of grass stalk as being unsuitable.

  3. John a marathon effort on your part but well worth it. Addictive is Friday. Even if I did catch it a few days late.


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