Friday, 19 March 2010

Friday at the Flicks (Spring Clean, Bowing, Doves, Henry Returns?)

Many thanks again to all those who sent their birthday wishes. As well as enjoying my self bought present it was great to see some frenzied Spring cleaning going on in the Blue Tit box yesterday.   (Soundtrack - Delibes, Pizzicati from Sylvia found on Wikimedia Commons)

 Is Mr. Wood Pigeon bowing to try to please his lady love or is he just mooning at the camera? Either way she seems totally unimpressed.

 Here is the video clip I took earlier in the week when there was a group of five Stock Doves busy picking up the seeds scattered by the Starlings.

Finally another great birthday present - the re-appearance after his Winter hibernation of what appears to be Henry the Hedgehog.   (Soundtrack - Midnight Waltz found on Wikimedia Commons)

That is not a firefly getting in on the act but a spider which will insist on building its web in front of the camera lens.

100 yesterday. No not me, though I sometimes feel like it. I noticed today that my country flag counter had clocked up the 100th different country flag.


  1. The very best of birthday greetings to you John and what a wonderful surprise it must have been for you to find that Henry turned up as well. It is great to know he came through the winter safely.

  2. Thank you Twosie. It was a relief as my hedgehogs had stopped visiting earlier than others and I began to fear something had happened to them.

    I assume your many hog visitors haven't arrived there yet.

  3. That Wood Pigeon was certainly putting some effort into his courtship. Hope it all pays off for him.
    And a lovely present seeing the return of Henry.

  4. Hello Keith. I bet it makes his legs ache, all that bowing and scraping. It was great to see a hedgehog return after the Winter hibernation. He looked fit and well.

  5. Belated birthday wishes John. I do enjoy your recordings. Fabulous! The reflective pond life is lovely too.

  6. Hello again, John :-)

    Great video from the nestbox… looking very promising now indeed!! Can’t believe you’re seeing so many stock doves now… I’m a bit concerned this could jump into double figures and double your seed bill ;-)

    Fantastic footage of the wood pigeon :-) Thinking about this now, I guess I’ve seen something similar. Will pay attention now… thanks :-)

    Great news that you are getting hedgehogs out now. Since hedgehogs have been seen at Hogblog I’ve been checking the view inside my hedgehog box daily. It wasn’t used for hibernation. I’ve turned the box around in the border it’s in and put a dish of food nearby. Something has been in but not enough disturbance in the hay for a hog. However, opening the curtains this morning and looking out on to a small ground dish with sunflower hearts I’d take a guess that a hedgehog snout has been in there :-D

  7. Hello Shirl. No sign of the Blue Tits yesterday. What I found interesting was that such small brains work out the easy way to perform tasks. The entrance hole is just over 1.5 inches deep and the Blue Tit stuffs the grass stalks in the hole before going out and pulling them out from the outside.

    Usually just two Stock Doves. I wondered if the large group was Winter visitors stocking up before returning to northern Europe. At least they are clearing up the seed scattered by the Starlings.

    No more signs of a Hedgehog but at least I know one is well and safe after the Winter hibernation. My box is near the feeder. I must switch that camera back on to see if it gets used. Nothing was spotted during the Winter.

  8. Thank you Angie. I twice tried to leave comments on your Alecto's Birds & Nature blog but both times it bounced as being undeliverable. Don't know what went wrong.


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