Saturday, 27 March 2010

More Frenzied Spring Cleaning and Hedgehog Visits

Yesterday morning the Blue Tit was once again working hard to clean out the nestbox. The video runs at about double speed to keep the file size down. No soundtrack on any of these video clips.

Once the bird had had enough of cleaning the interior the outside was given a thorough examination.

During last night a Hedgehog made two visits to the feeding area. This one has been seen twice before this year but I'm fairly sure it is not Henry from last year so I will christen it Horace as from its size it could well be a male.

The IR light only reflect from one of his eyes so I guess Horace is blind in one eye for some unknown reason. This should not affect his ability to find food as Hedgehogs have poor eyesight and rely mainly on their excellent sense of smell.


  1. What a busy little Blue Tit. She's only got a couple of weeks to get that sorted; she should be laying about mid April.

  2. Hi there, John. I hope you saw my previous belated happy birthday post! I have been gallivanting as usual (and cattle rustlin') which keeps me from spending time blogging, although I have been keeping up with reading posts and watching your videos. Glad to see that the nest box spring cleaning is in earnest. It will be fascinating to see the nest building. Interest has been shown in my nesting box as well. Wonderful to meet Horace, (he's a big one!) and good to know that Henry still frequents the feeding area.

  3. Hello Keith. I wish she would make her mind up as she only visits every two or three days but last year's pair were just like that.

  4. Hello Glo. Thank you. I did have a quick peek at your rustling antics ;) I hope the Blue Tits make their minds up and choose that box to nest in. Horace seems to be becoming a regular visitor now.


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