Monday, 22 March 2010

Nature playing Catchup

Things are certainly moving on a pace now the weather has turned warmer. Last time I looked a week or so ago I couldn't see any of my miniature narcissus now they are all in flower.

Miniature Narcissus

The corkscrew hazel produced its catkins long before the cold weather but they remained tightly closed. Now within a few days they have elongated and opened up to show all the yellow pollen and the tiny red flowers are open and ready to be fertilised.

Corkscrew Hazel Catkins

At last there was some frog spawn in the garden pond. This year it looks as though most of it is viable. Last year it was all white and not one tadpole appeared. I have moved some to the safety of my 'nursery' pond where there are no fish to give any tadpoles a safe start in life.

Frog Spawn

Last week when I was experimenting with the new lens I forgot to post this photo of a House Sparrow.

House Sparrow

Some mornings there can be up to a dozen corvids massing on the law. The Rooks seem to favour the fat balls which they attack so vigorously that it rains pieces on the birds below, much to their delight at not having to work so hard to find food.

Rook Scattering a Fat Ball

There is a much more varied dawn chorus now. Yesterday I was able to stand and listen to a Dunnock singing not ten feed away.


  1. Spring up your way looks lovely. The narcissus especially are beautiful. To grow good spring bulbs in the sub-tropics you have to trick them by giving them a spell in the refrigerator!

  2. Beautiful show of Daffs John. A welcome sight after the winter gloom.
    A cracking shot of the sparrow. Pin sharp.

  3. Hello Mick. The miniature varieties look beautiful. You can get lots of flowers in a small space and they don't get so easily damaged by the wind. It must be a problem there growing plants which need the Winter frost and ice to tell them when to start growing.

  4. Hello Keith. Daffs are always a welcome sight, cheerful yellows everywhere.

    Must admit I was pleased with the sparrow portrait.

  5. Spring has certainly sprung with you there, John :-)

    What warmth from the daffs with their sunshine colour. I’ve a few small tete a tetes but the flower buds need to plump up a little more before they open. It will be soon though.

    Love the light through your catkins… that’s my fav shot although the House sparrow does look like a portrait sitting!

    Fingers crossed for the frog spawn.

  6. There are eight clumps of the miniature daffs in a raised bed and they look so cheerful this time of year. I no longer grow any full sized ones as they always seemed to get blown over as soon as the flowers open.

    The mid afternoon Sun was shining just right to illuminate the catkins.


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