Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Not One but Two

While I was getting Bobby ready for our morning walk, and I was still on auto-pilot at 7 a.m., I spotted not one but two Stock Doves on the lawn. Needless to say the camera wasn't handy at that time and by the time I had fetched it they had both flown away.

Stock Dove 5

The photo is from the batch I took the first time I saw one. My main program for processing photos is PaintShopPro X2 and I have only recently found out that plugins designed for PhotoShop are also suitable for use in PSP so I have been gathering a few free ones to experiment with. For the above photo I emphasised the lighter and darkened the darker parts and added a border.

Another program I have found is a free version of  PanoramaPlus by Serif.  The new header was made using that. (The text being added later in PSP) The original photos were taken years ago. I forget which camera I used and it is not recorded in the photo files. I know it was a very low quality camera I used to put in my shirt pocket. The free version of PanoramaPlus has a fixed, fairly low size for the finished panorama which it produces very quickly and even works out the right order to stitch the photos. v2 of the program, which I now have, has more facilities and a choice of size for the final panorama which can take a while to produce if a large size is chosen and there are many individual photos to join together. The few times I have taken shots for panoramas I have worked hand held and PP soon sorts out any differences in horizon position or tilts in camera angle.


  1. Nothing wrong with that stitching John. I find that with PSE if it's a big file you can cook breakfast and probably lunch while it chunders away. That said one can always compress a large file. Increasing a file using interpolation software has very mixed results.

  2. Hello Adrian. The program does a really good job. In four or five trials I only spotted one small kink where things were slightly out of line.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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