Saturday, 6 March 2010

Wrong nestbox Sunshine.

Looking through the video captures from yesterday I spotted that a Great Tit had made a very brief visit to inspect the Robin nestbox. It was so brief I just took a still snapshot from the video.


I saw the same thing happen last year. Just one very brief inspection. Now I am wondering whether to put a different front on the box so it would be suitable for Great Tits.  Yesterday I fixed my old Robin nestbox on a fence hidden behind a bush. There is no camera in that one but I can just see it and would be able to take photographs if it were to be used by a Robin.


  1. Hi again John, interesting to hear that a Great tit has stopped by your robin box :-)

    Don’t know what I would do there. Weighing up footage of a Robin over a Great tit is a hard one. Perhaps if you did change the entrance a Blue tit could find it first!

    Sticking my neck out here… I’d take the gamble and leave all as is :-)

    Great that the blue tit pair are still interested in your other box. Looking promising there :-D

  2. Hello Shirl. The Great Tit may just have been looking for insects, who can tell?
    I did try a different front on that box for a while. The main problem is the camera is colour only and not very sensitive so the video was very dull. When I installed it I put one white LED in to give a bit of illumination at night. I think I will leave it as it is for this year.

  3. I think I'm with Shirl on this one but only because I would love to be able to follow a Robin family in your box, having said that I'm sure I would enjoy seeing a Great Tit family too :)

    I'm not sure we are out of the woods yet despite all the welcome signs of Spring, it is very cold again here. Hope you have a relaxing and not too cold weekend.

  4. Hello Jan. I would love to be able to watch Robins bring up a family so I will leave the box alone this year.

    Although it reached about +9C yesterday this morning it was -3C when we went walkabout and once again the pond is frozen over.


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