Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Beautiful, though exhausting, Weather

There was a time, maybe up to ten years ago, when I couldn't get enough sunny weather and would be outside no matter what the temperature but these days the body doesn't cope as well as it used to. I am so pleased I had the air conditioning unit put in this room. There is somewhere we can both retreat to cool down.

A couple of nights ago we got a lovely sunset. Most of the time dark clouds seem to arrive just in time to spoil the view but late that evening things were just right.

Sunset 01

Sunset 02

Once again I spotted one of the froglets leaping about the garden. It may well be less than an inch long but can leap about eight inches every hop and takes some keeping up with.


I was surprised how well it could climb. As it approached a concrete step it jumped half way up the vertical edge and then crawled its way up the rest. I wonder how many of the scores of tadpoles have made it this far it their development.

My shallow water pond lilies are now coming into their own. Each flower only lasts a short while but there is usually a succession of them to add a bit of colour to the dull water.

Water Lily

Very close to be back door this spider has its web. I have never seen it move from its position in the centre but I assume it does manage to catch some prey from time to time.


It has been a slightly messy start to the week as during the past two days I have had an ugly old stone fireplace surround removed and replaced along with the installation of an inset gas fire. Another 'round tuit' over and done with. That one has only taken thirty years to achieve!


  1. Exhausting is the word John :( The humidity here has been dreadful this last few days, it does me no favours at all and even as a child I was never able to spend time in hot sun...always the shade for me. I do love sunshine but not high temperatures. Your air conditioning sounds wonderful!

    The sunset photos are beautiful and so is the Water Lily, I remember admiring them last year. The little froglet is so sweet.

    My 'round tuit' list only grows longer, never shorter!

  2. The water lily is beautiful, almost looks like a painting!

  3. It certainly can be Jan. The air-con is doing a grand job. In fact, even on its lowest setting it can get quite cold at times.

    Decent colourful sunsets have been far and few between so far this year.

  4. There is something about water lilies Wilma. The flowers always look so tropical to me.


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