Sunday, 6 June 2010

Make Your Nature Count + Hedgehog Visitors

Once again in the UK the RSPB are asking people to count the birds which visit their gardens. The event is called Make Your Nature Count. This time the count is in June. In fact it started yesterday but you can choose any one hour period on any day up to 13 June. Counting will be the same method as used in the Big Garden Birdwatch - the maximum number of each species landing in the garden at any one time during your chosen hour. As well as the bird numbers the RSPB would also like to know which mammals are visiting our gardens.

Full details can be found HERE on the RSPB web site.

As for my regular visiting mammals, hedgehogs continue to visit. As there are several appearances during each night it is impossible to say how many individuals there are. The hedgehog house hasn't been used for quite a while now.

This close up of a hedgehog feeding was taken with a camcorder set on night vision so movement can become blurred with the slow shutter speed used.

This capture was made automatically by a video camera and a DVR which detects motion. I love the way the hedgehog has a drink, walks round the water pot and then paddles through it. Hedgehogs are good swimmers and I suppose it is one way of cooling your toes on a hot night.

Quite a change in the weather. I was kept awake until 1 a.m. by thunder and lightning and was woken at 6 a.m. by more thunder. As it was forecast I had unplugged the computer from the mains and from the telephone line as I know several people who have have had their equipment damaged by nearby lightning strikes, especially through phone lines. At least we have had some rain which is sorely needed by the garden plants and my pond.


  1. Have to get my count in the garden sorted. Thanks for the reminder John.

    Great videos as always; and yea, love that hog wading through his drinking water. lol

  2. Thank you Keith. I only got an email from the RSPB two days before the event started - good job we have a whole week to pick a time.

    I have often seen wet patches next to the water pot but this is the first time the system managed to capture a hedgehog having a paddle.

  3. Good Morning John, thanks for the thumbs up on the current RSPB Survey. I missed this one completely.

    I always love to see the hedgehog visits to your garden. Not looking at my outdoor cams in the evenings at the moment as all focus is on the nestbox. Guessing some hogs will pass by as droppings are seen occasionally.

    Oh dear, we just got a couple of much needed showers of heavy rain. The garden was definitely needing it as you say :-)

  4. Hi Shirl. I don't know whether the RSPB count was mentioned on the SpringWatch programmes as I watch them on line a few days later but the RSPB didn't give me much notice.

    Each hog only spends 5 or 10 minutes at the feeder so it would be easy to miss them. I can see your nest watching will take up a lot of your time. I know I wouldn't be able to take my eyes off it.

    It is getting darker here so I think we are in for some more rain soon. The water level in my pond is well down so I could do with quite a bit more - preferably over night.

    Have a great week. John

  5. Hi John, I too loved the hog paddling through the water pot and watched it a couple of times :)

    I received a letter telling me of the June count a while back (I have been a member of the RSPB for years) but I had completely forgotten about it so thanks for a very timely reminder!

    Not much rain at all here and thankfully no thunder and lightening but it is a lot cooler today and rain is expected later this afternoon. Like you, we do need it but I too would prefer it was during the night :)

  6. I know Jan - I could watch it over and over. By the looks of things a quick paddle seems to be regular event.

    Looking at the forecast it seems as though much of the rain is going to miss me again. It's amazing but it can pass about 15 miles north and south of here. The Lincolnshire Wolds seems to split the cloud formations. Fortunately it tends to send many thunder storms N and S as well.

    Have a great week Jan.


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