Monday, 14 June 2010


A couple of days ago while out walkies I spotted a mare with her foal but photo opportunities were difficult as the foal was taking a well earned nap and the camera battery ran out.

Mare and Foal 1

Yesterday when we passed the same spot the foal was up and about and a short wait enabled me to get a good view albeit a distant one.

Mare and Foal 2

I also took a bit of video as I was using the TZ7. This is a still from the widescreen video.

Video Still

I have recently found a program called VideoMach which will automatically combine jpg photos to make a video. Another facility it has is to crop a video. This is what I did with the following clip. I lost some of the surrounding scenery by cropping a 640 x 480 section.

The TZ7 was hand held in one hand (Bobby's lead was in the other) and the full 12x zoom had to be used so the result is a bit on the wobbly side. That is not Bobby barking!


  1. That was a good video to test out some of the software you have found. So sweet to see the little foal up on its feet staying right with its mom.

  2. Hello Wilma. I just wish I could get nearer to the horses.

  3. foals look so delicate but no doubt in a few days it will be doing high kicks round the field:-)

  4. They do Helen. It was staying very close to mum on that afternoon.


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