Friday, 11 June 2010

Friday at the Flicks (Hungry Hedgehogs, Hungry Jackdaws)

In spite of the rain a couple of nights ago the juvenile Hedgehogs paid several visits to the feeding area. In this video the captures have been speeded up to show the full night's activity.

As often seems to happen there was one altercation during the night where Hooligan the Hedgehog charges at the other juvenile. The victim curls up in a ball and I can't quite make out whether it carries on eating or whether it is licking an injured foot. Rain on the camera makes the picture somewhat blurred.

 Last night there was a youngster crunching away at the dried mealworms when Bobby and I went out for a last look round the garden. The Hedgehog carried on eating for a short while before making a dash for the shelter of the Hedgehog House, returning to eat once we had gone back indoors.

This clip of Jackdaws was taken some while ago. It always makes me smile watching the one on the right. After it falls off it spends a while trying to puzzle out why the other Jackdaw can reach the food more easily that it can.

Have a great weekend observing the wildlife wherever you are.


  1. Hi again John, lol… I found the Benny Hill tune running in my head as I watched the first clip. Very good :-)

    Brilliant that the hog saw your house as a safe place… you must have been pleased to see that. I agree about the Jackdaw. They are fascinating to watch… you can see how much they think about things.

    Wishing you a great weekend :-D

  2. Loved that last clip with the Jackdaws John. Had me chuckling here. I bet those fat balls don't last long with those giant beaks.

  3. Great videos, John. That little Hooligan is very pushy! I had a look at Shirl's blue tits in the nest box ~ amazing!

  4. Hi Shirl. I wish I'd thought og the Benny Hill tune. It would have been ideal ;)

    Have been watching your fabulous Bluttit videos and will soon catch up on commenting.

  5. Hi Keith. You can almost see some of the corvids thinking as they look around to solve a problem. They now only get one fat ball a day. I put it out last thing at night and it is gone before I get up in the morning.

  6. Thank you Glo. A pushy Hedgehog doesn't do things by halves! Shirl's videos are brilliant.


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