Thursday, 10 June 2010

Make Your Nature Count - Count

Not exactly the weather for nature photography, dull grey skies with periods of rain. While tomorrow's video clips were uploading to YouTube I decided to spend the time making my count for the RSPB Make Your Nature Count event.

During the hour the following birds visited the garden:

1  Great Tit
1   Blue Tit
1   Coal Tit
1   Collared Dove
2   Chaffinches
3   Blackbirds
3   Goldfinches
3   Greenfinches
3   House Sparrows
5   Wood Pigeons
5   Jackdaws
9   Starlings

Also added to my record was the fact that Hedgehogs visit the garden daily.

Amongst the normal visitors which were conspicuous by their absence were Robins, Dunnocks, Rooks, Magpies and Stock Doves.

If you live in the UK and want to take part in the Make Your Nature Count event there is still time. Details can be found HERE on the RSPB site.


  1. Good range of birds there, John. A quiet time for Starlings I see. Guessing you've been getting the juv visits too. I'll see if I can do a count over the weekend. You never know I may have lots of Blue tits in the garden ;-)

  2. Hello Shirl. It was quieter than normal for a while. Hope you found lots of Blue Tits to count.


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