Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Time Lapse jpg to video - revisited

In the end I did find a program which will automatically convert a series of jpg stills to a video. VideoMach is a fairly versatile program. It is possible to adjust colour balance, add text and resize or crop amongst other facilities. The program can be run for free. All functions work. The only thing different is that it adds the program name to the bottom of the first second of the final video. Not a great problem. VideoMach produces an Mpeg1 file and YouTube didn't really like that so I used Ulead Video Studio 11+ to re-save it as Mpeg2.

My second attempt was clouds again. I decreased the time interval between photos to about 1 every 11 seconds. It still looks jerky but I think that is partly due to the speed the clouds were travelling across the sky.

I tried another batch later on with 1 shot per 5 seconds and that looked a lot better. Unfortunately the series was not very long as the camera battery ran out. I must remember to turn off the camera LCD screen to save power. I think another problem I have found is in the circuit design. The 555 timer chip is voltage sensitive so the timing will change as the 9V battery runs down. I have a solution for that which I will try later but it involves using a larger 12V gell cell - no so portable!


  1. Fascinating John, this device opens up a whole world of new possibilities - e.g. toadstools and flowers opening - but I guess the next problem will be fixing up the illumination for a sequence like that...?

  2. Hi Phil. One way would be to add a light dependant switch to the circuit - only shoot in daylight or to switch on a lamp at the same time as each shot is taken. Another problem is finding somewhere where the camera would be safe and undisturbed for days or even weeks. Certainly plenty of food for thought!

  3. Hi John, I have missed a whole week of your posts :( but there has been so much going on here with preparations for my nephew's wedding which took place on Saturday. I decided that I wanted to be able to have time to look at all your posts and videos without rushing them so with a little spare time today that is what I have done and very enjoyable they are too. I won't profess to understand all the technical stuff but it is clear you are enjoying taxing your brain with your latest project :)

    It is always interesting to see the hedgehogs especially as there is still no sign of any in my garden. I also enjoyed seeing the pond snails, far more preferable than the garden variety! The Jackdaws were great fun to watch and the little foal was so sweet.

    After your reminder of the RSPB count I am ashamed to say that with so much else to think about I still managed to completely forget it :(

  4. Lovely pictures of the foal and on your previous post. Of course Bobby wouldn't be barking at such a sweet scene :)

    Although we have all been hoping for clear blue skies, it's fortunate that the clouds are visible to make your time lapse photography so interesting! I see lots of blue sky as well. The circuitry in your brain is getting a great workout as well, as you continue to enjoy this new endeavour ;)

  5. Hello Jan. Sounds as though you had a hectic week. I trust all went smoothly.
    Another soldering session today. I'm getting better - I only soldered my finger once ;)
    There is nearly always something endearing about very young animals and It's a long time since I saw a foal. I must take the 50D with me one day and get some better closeups.

  6. Hello Glo. Bobby can be very noisy but he is usually as good as gold when I am photographing.

    The cloud was travelling in from the coast and only lasted a couple of hours, typical onshore afternoon breeze once the land warms up a bit.

    It makes a change these days to use my brain. It can take a while to kick start the one remaining grey cell ;)

  7. What a fascinating film. It reminds me of that 1950s version of 'The Time Machine' when everything speeded up!

  8. Now you mention it Matron, it is reminiscent of that scene.


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