Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Visiting Goldfinches

Unlike last year I only have a few Goldfinches visiting at the moment. I think a lot were lost, along with many Greenfinches, when we had a bad outbreak of finch disease.


So far I have only seen one youngster. It was by itself walking on the shed roof apparently looking for food.

Young Goldfinch

Last night there was some orange and red in the sky for the first time for a while. As usual it didn't last long but I did manage to get a still photo. The camera focussed on the tree in the foreground but I like the way the out of focus clouds give a softer feel to the sky.

Orange Clouds

Heath Robinson struck again yesterday as I decided to re-build my 'intervalometer' to make it a bit more versatile. One day I will have to set it up on top of one of the local hills and see what a time lapse video will produce from there.

Something you may like to view: Paul (Greenfinch Garden on YouTube) let me know of a marvellous piece of video he had taken of a Great Spotted Woodpecker feeding her chick. Well worth a look. It can be seen HERE.


  1. I hope the young one found some food ~ it looks kind of vulnerable up on the roof top! Your sky photo is very pretty with the soft background. I loved the video link to the young woodpecker being fed. Thanks :)

  2. I hope so Glo. It only stayed a few minutes before flying of to nearby trees. That woodpecker video was marvellous. Made me really jealous ;)


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