Friday, 16 July 2010

Friday at the Flicks (Clouds at Sunset, Juvenile Goldfinch)

This time lapse video was made a short while ago when it looked as though we might get a decent sunset. Unfortunately dark clouds crowded out much of the effect.

Today I was fortunate enough to spot a juvenile Goldfinch at the seed feeder. The weather was very blustery and the bird was having to work hard to maintain its balance on the perch.

It was interesting to not that the juvenile had a mixture of adult wing and tail colouring but still had the mottled front and head of a fledgeling.


  1. Very interesting to watch that first video John, of the sunset.

  2. Shame the sunset didn't turn out as expected John but the dark clouds are quite atmospheric in their own right!

  3. It's amazing to see the nightclouds moving in so purposefully! Interesting to see the birds maturing as well. The weather is gorgeous here and has kept me away from the computer ... however, I did manage to catch up a little bit today. I thought it was funny to see the hedgehog shaking off the rain on a previous post ;) Hope you are having lovely weather as well.

  4. The blustery wind evident on the second video has been with us for days on end now making photography very difficult especially when it comes to butterflies etc.

    Lots of juvenile Goldfinches here too, I always think how naked they look without the head colouring of the adults.

  5. Hello Keith. I had hoped fro a bit more red and orange but the black made a reasonable contrast.

  6. Hello Tricia. I was disappointed at first but as you say the black clouds do give it an atmosphere.

  7. Hello Glo. I often find it surprising just how fast high clouds can be moving. Weather has been quite oppressive here recently. Humidity can reach nearly 100pc over night. As usual much of the refreshing rain passes us by.

    The poor old hedgehog nearly falls over when it shakes the rain off.

  8. Hello Jan. The wind always manages to become blustery just as something interesting turns up to be photographed. Very frustrating at times.

    The Goldfinches seem to have done well this year which should help to bring up the numbers after last year's finch disease.


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