Friday, 9 July 2010

Friday at the Flicks (Surrounded Pigeon, Hungry Young Jackdaws)

Just made it for Friday - combination of a busy day and a sieve for a memory.

These two clips were taken automatically on Thursday morning while I was still in the land of nod.

A Wood Pigeon was becoming surrounded by the early morning invasion of Jackdaws which seem to happen every morning since the youngsters fledged.

A while later the Jackdaws had the food to them selves and the youngsters were as demanding as ever.

When I went out a short while ago to top up the seed feeders I was surprised to find a dead Goldfinch on the ground. Other than being deceased it appeared in perfect condition, its feather in full bright plumage and no noticeable marks to show it may been attacked. Quite a puzzle.


  1. That Wood Pigeon looked a little nervous there lol
    I'm lucky if I get one Jackdaw in my garden.
    Shame about the Goldfinch John. I wonder what happened to him.

  2. Love the flicks tonight. :-)

    Always sad to find a dead bird, isn't it? And their lifeless bodies have lost much of the beauty of the living bird. Hope that is the only one you find.

  3. Hello Keith. If I sent you half of my Jackdaws I would still have plenty left!

  4. Thank you Wilma. That Goldfinch looked in perfect shiny colourful condition. It was as though it had just fallen off the feeder perch.

  5. So many Jackdaws! It is normally the Wood Pigeons who do the outnumbering here :)

    The hogs on the previous post seemed to have come to an uneasy understanding :)

    What a shame about the Goldfinch, I hope that horrible disease isn't around again but I suspect you would have noticed if it was that.

    I hope the heat isn't treating you too badly, John.

  6. Hello Jan. It's Jackdaws early morning and pigeons the rest of the day ;)

    The hogs have a little skirmish every now and then but on the whole they tolerate each other.

    As for the Goldfinch - it was as though it had dropped straight down under the feeder, not the usual drawn out suffering I saw last year. Maybe it had a dicky ticker.

    The heat has been more than a bit overpowering outdoors in the afternoons but bearable indoors.


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