Saturday, 31 July 2010

Garden Snails and a Dragonfly

When Bobby went for his last look round his empire a couple of nights ago I spotted two brown garden snails crossing the concrete. The ground was perfectly dry so I was somewhat surprised they had chosen that route.Also they took no notice of us. In daylight hours they would have probably retreated into their shells but these two kept going and provided me with my first opportunity to take some photographs of garden snails.

Brown Garden Snail

Normally thrusting a camera within a couple of inches would make the snail withdraw its tentacles but this time I could clearly see the eyes on the end of those long stalks. In fact it was the length of the tentacles which had first caught my attention.

Brown Garden Snail

 I have never really taken much notice or interest in snails but on finding a great site ( ) was fascinated by the complexity of their anatomy.

Yesterday I notice one of the rare visits to my garden by a Common Darter Dragonfly which rested for a short while on some gravel long enough for me to take a few photographs.

Dragonfly - Common Darter


  1. As always John there's more to snails than one imagines. Grand pictures. I've seen very few dragonflys this year. A pity they are wonderful.

  2. It's interesting to check out the creatures that wander or perhaps slither through our environment at all hours of the day and night! Such detailed photos of the snail and dragonfly. We are also experiencing dry weather, ~ perfect for summer here near the beach, as we had such a wet cold start. Always interesting to see how nature behaves and adapts to temperature and conditions. Lots of haying going on here while the sun shines :) Very dry ground where you are for sure. We have a fire ban now, which means no camping fires in any of the campgrounds or elsewhere.

    I have been checking in daily to your blog, but I've become so relaxed that I can barely lift a finger to type ;) I loved seeing Carling Star again (or Fredforshort) and Angela.

  3. Hello Adrian. I saw what looked like a green dragonfly flitting back and forth across the street today.

  4. Hello Glo. There is more wildlife about than we imagine. Your mention of a fire ban made me think - I haven't heard of any around the UK this year though most areas seem to have had more rain than here.

    It is nice to watch the progress of Fred, something I've not had the opportunity to do before now.

    Not so hot as it has been but still very 'heavy' especially late afternoons.


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