Saturday, 10 July 2010

An HDRd Summer Afternoon Sky

On our walk yesterday afternoon I took a few bracketed photographs +-1 to see if the HDR result would bring out the cloud formations.

Some of the clouds in the first photo really did look as though they had been painted out of focus on the blue sky. Cannot say I have ever noticed this sort of formation in the past.



Two different processes on the same group of photos here.

HDR Tonemapped

Exposure Fusion

Finally not HDR but a panorama made with six hand held photos. Pity the sky was so washed out.

Panorama Barley Field

On a larger view on Flickr towards the right you can see the spire of Louth parish church standing well above the valley and towards the left is Belmont TV mast standing on top of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

HDR processing done with Photomatrix Pro v3.2 and the panorama stitched using Serif Panorama Plus v2. Photos taken with the Lumix TZ7.


  1. I like these John. I think my favourite has to be the second one. Would make a great framed print.

  2. I like the 3rd one best, although #2 comes in second! I think I will have to explore this for myself.

  3. I've seen such a lot of HDR pictures on Flickr, and like most of them. Your efforts here are great, John. However, when I tried the technique, my outcomes were all very phychedelic and I rather lost interest. Like Wilma, I might look at it again.

  4. These are lovely shots John, very artistic.

  5. Hello Keith. The bright sky looked just the sort of subject for HDR to bring up the contrast.

  6. Hello Wilma. I prefer the sky on the 2nd but the field on the 3rd. It's a process that works well with some subjects as long as it is not overdone. Though much depends on individual taste.

  7. Hello Emma. Sometimes I try a subject and hate the result though the Photomatrix Pro does give quite a bit of control over the finished product. For me some subjects that I tried worked well and other look awful.

  8. Thank you Roy. Every so often I see a view that looks as though it might work with HDR. Good job the program is artistic as it is not a label anyone would apply to me ;)

  9. These are great, John! The sky in the first one looks like an Impressionist painting.

    Is the ground there as dry and cracked as it is here?

  10. Thank you Jan. It does rather - that was what caught my attention and made take a few photos. All the photos were taken within a few minutes at virtually the same place so it was surprising how different the cloud formations were in different directions.

    Yes. The ground is very dry and full of cracks. We have a layer of clay under the topsoil and when that dries and shrinks any hose water just runs straight down the cracks and disappears from sight. Then in the winter the clay gets saturated and rain water cannot drain away very fast.

  11. I'm a bit late in the day here, but really enjoyed seeing your experimentation with photos ~ lots of fun trying out different processes ~ with amazing results!

  12. I do enjoy experimenting from time to time Glo. Sometimes it works and often in ends up in Dusty Bin. (A character from an old UK game show)


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