Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Hedgehogs on a Wet Summer Night

If you are a Hedgehog then you just have to shake off the rain and get on with the job of eating.

It looks as though the time they came for their dried mealworms, crushes unsalted peanuts and sunflower hearts was when we got our heaviest rainfall of the day. Overall we had about a third of an inch and so far today (Tuesday) less than a tenth of an inch.


  1. It looked like there was going to be a bit of a kerfuffle at the end there! The rain didn't seem to bother them though.

    It certainly sounds like you had quite a soaking. We finally had some here late Tuesday morning which went on pretty well all day and then we have had a few showers today. I don't think ours was as heavy as yours.

  2. Hello Jan. I think there is hardly a night goes by without at least one kerfuffle. I guess that as Hedgies can swim they don't mind a bit of rain as long as they can shake it off.

    So far this month we have only had just over half an inch of rain and the ground is baked hard with lots of cracks.


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