Wednesday, 1 September 2010

At the Seed Feeder

Yesterday I tried the IR detector about five feet away from a seed feeder. One thing I learned - as the feeder warms up in the sunshine and starts to swing in the breeze it triggers the sensor. Once the feeder was in shadow or the wind clamed down then it worked OK.

Chaffinch coming in to land:

Chaffinch Coming in to Land

Most of the photos were of birds, mainly sparrows, peacefully feeding but the arrival of Starlings usually livens things up a bit.

Are you my Dad?
Are You My Dad

Keep moving pal.
Keep Moving Pal

Go find your own perch.
Go Find Your Own Perch

Where is Air Traffic Control when you need them?
Where was Air Traffic Control

 I wonder how long a camera battery lasts when it needs recharging every day.


  1. These pictures are grand but the first one is stunning.

  2. such beautiful detail on the arrangement of feathers on that starlings wing! The fast film speed shows that detail we would never otherwise see! Lovely!

  3. Hello Adrian. With automation you never know what will turn up and I was pleased with the Chaffinch and also the Starling with spread wings but the peanut feeder in that is intrusive.

  4. Hello Matron. It's not often we get a long look at the full colours in birds' wings. I was also taken with the dazzling colours on such a common bird which can look fairly dowdy at rest.

  5. Hi John, beautiful action captures and lovely, close detail!

  6. Thank you Jan. I never know what will turn up with automated photography.

  7. Some really good action shots John.

  8. Cracking action shots John. That set up is working a treat.

  9. What fun to see all this action! It is great that you can have such a fast shutter speed to capture the instant. You are outdoing yourself with this latest technological feat!

  10. Thank you Roy. Never know what will turn up with this method.

  11. Thank you Keith. It works better than I had hoped. What I would love to do is have the same sort of gadget work a video camera but none of mine have that facility.

  12. Hello Wilma. Where do I go from here? ;) Back to good old manual photography I guess but the automated process has its place as there is little chance of scaring the birds away.


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