Friday, 10 September 2010

Friday at the Flicks - Bathing

First a rather fast slideshow of 100 consecutive photos taken the last time I had the IR sensor monitoring the pond waterfall. It gives a good impression of what the activity can be like,

One morning this week I was just able to watch the waterfall from the corner of the kitchen window so I put the camcorder on a short tripod on the work surface.

Also spotted was a shy juvenile Goldfinch trying to work out when it was safe to get in the water.

The soundtrack is one of the sound files that comes with  Corel Video Studio X3 which I was trying out on that video. Though I have looked from time to time every day since those video clips were taken I have rarely spotted any birds there. As usual - they know when they are being watched.

Have a great weekend observing the behaviour of the wildlife around you.


  1. Taken me most of the day to see this but it was worth it.

  2. Well, John, great flicks today with an amazing amount of activity at your waterfall. I feel spanking clean now and just in time for the weekend!

  3. Great videos again John.
    I love watching them when they take a bath. They really look as though they enjoy all that splashing about.

  4. There is just something so joyous about watching birds take a bath! They really look like they are enjoying themselves!

  5. Pleased it was worth the effort Adrian.

  6. Thank you Wilma. It seems that all the garden birds love a good wallow in the waterfall.

  7. Thanks Keith. Unlike young humans you don't have to nag at young birds to make sure they wash behind their ears. ;)

  8. They do Matron. They really go for it when they take a bath.


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