Monday, 27 September 2010

Macro on Monday - Guess What

First last week's puzzle picture alongside the full view of the object:

rectangle_New-Out99998   P1010619c

Yes Keith - you were correct. It was a close shot of a conker (the seed of the Horse Chestnut tree) which was well dried up having been on my shelf for quite a while. Sorry Glo if I mislead you. All I was hinting at was the 'mellow fruitfulness' in general.

On to today's new puzzle picture.


Clue: Does this really grow in occidental gardens?
Answer next Monday.


  1. I'll go for a Tangerine or similar.

  2. Oh dear! I'm really no good at these although I love puzzling over them. I considered a conker but decided against it due to its 'well dried up' appearance :)

    As for this week, I am no clearer...unless it could be a Chinese Lantern (Physalis). I have them in my garden but if it is one then yours is more advanced than mine...just a guess and I'm not confident!

  3. Hi John ~ no problem whatsoever with your clue from last week ~ I was more than happy to become reacquainted with the lovely poem :) I wondered if it was a chestnut, but it seemed too red. Anyway, it was good fun, and congratulations to Keith :)

    I have been away for a bit, but have caught up with your photos and video. Great shots as usual.

    Now for this week ~ I think perhaps ShySongbird might have guessed it, and it definitely has the appearance of a tangerine as Adrian suggest, but I'll say part of a pumpkin.

  4. Hmmmm; could have sworn I left a comment here.

    I'll go peel lol

  5. My thanks to those who had a go at guessing the mystery object.


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