Thursday, 9 September 2010

Seed Rage

There is often an item in the news about an incident of road rage but come here to the Birdy Bistro and you will see many examples of seed rage. You would think it was mid winter with the number of birds now visiting the garden for their share of free seed. Do they peacefully wait their turn? Well, a few do like the Blue and Coal Tits which will watch for a gap and dash in to grab a bite to eat. Not so with the Starlings, Sparrows, Goldfinches and now the Greenfinches. I have noticed more birds singing during the day so I guess it is time to start marking out territory again.

The Greenfinches have taken to visiting the ground feeder which is actually stood on a small metal table. One yesterday was determined to keep all the food for itself. First it faced off another Greenfinch.

Greenfinches 1

Then it had a go at a House Sparrow which dared to land.

Greenfinch 2

 The One That Got Away

As I was watching through the kitchen window first thing I saw a Sparrowhawk chasing a small bird across the sky. I have not seen them trying to catch their prey in level flight before today. The small bird was weaving all over the place and could change direction faster than the Sparrowhawk. Though the hunter got close it could not get close enough and gave up in the end. It was obviously built for high speed dive bombing its target and not built for stamina in level flight. One very lucky small bird. They were too far away and too quick to photograph.


  1. Quite the little bully that Greenfinch lol

  2. "Seed Rage." Thats a great name for it John.{:)

  3. Some birds do seem to be more aggressive, Keith, just like people really.

  4. Thanks Roy. It was the best that came to mind at the time.


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