Friday, 26 November 2010

Friday at the Flicks - Nestbox Shuffle

Just the one video clip this week.

In the past I have seen Blue Tits perform the 'nestbox shuffle' where they spread their wings and lie flat in the bottom of the box, usually pushing into one corner. This has always been a short while before nesting starts. To my surprise I saw the Great Tit do exactly the same thing even though it is November and a long way to the nesting season.

I am please to say that the Great Tit continues to use the box as a roost every night - must be about three weeks now - and occasionally pops in during the day.

Have a great weekend observing the wildlife around you and if you have snow and ice take care out there. This morning was the first time since last winter I wore my snow spikes. The spikes may only be about 4mm long but it is very reassuring to hear the crunch as they bite in the frozen covering on the local footpaths.


  1. Great John, I suspect it has spotted your camera and was just posing.

  2. Surely it can't think it is Spring in these temperatures John! It is looking very good for nesting when it is Spring though :)

    Have a good weekend and keep warm!

  3. I bet he was glad of your nest box last night John.
    Like Adrian says, he was certainly posing in that clip lol

  4. It waqs having a good look at the camera or possibly soaking up the little heat from the IR lighting Adrian.

  5. It had me puzzled Jan. Maybe it is just a way of saying - this is my roost. She, as I think it inly the female which does the shuffle, has really taken to the box so I hope it does get used as a nest box next year.

  6. Hello Keith. It has been just a bit nippy recently. At least the box keeps it out of the cold wind. According to my weather centre the wind chill has been down to -5C so far this month.

  7. Delighted to see your captures of the Great Tit's "Nestbox Shuffle". Watch out, Ann Widdecombe!

  8. It was strange to see it this time of year Twosie.


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