Monday, 1 November 2010

Macro on Monday - Guess What

I thought last week's puzzle photo would be difficult. The clue mentioning thinking digitally put some off as I hadn't even thought of fingers. It was electronic digits, ones and zeros I was thinking about. Also the colours sent others in the wrong direction. The object was hard to illuminate as it was so close, maybe 1mm, from the objective lens and tends to reflect all sorts of colours anyway. So - no gold stars last week though the thoughts of a glove or TV type screen were very good possibilities.

To put you out of your misery here it is - a CD. The pattern you can see are the minute pits burned by the laser when making the music track.

mag001    P1010628 CD

On to the new challenge. This should be a lot easier: Magnification about 100X

Clue: It is woofly the correct colour for once.

This one was taken with my new set up. Different microscope which has an adaptor to let me fix the 350D so I can hopefully get clearer photos. Microscope, lenses and camera were all bought s/h on ebay.

Microscope and Camera

No prizes for a correct guess, just a bit of fun to start the week.


  1. Interesting that the last one was a CD! Who would have thought!

    This week - Woofly speaking, hat would be one of Bobby's hairs :) Wouldn't it?? ;)

  2. OK,third comment from me coming up ~ just wanted to remark on your new and improved 'remark'able looking set up for magnification! You sure have fun, don't you :)

  3. You won last weeks easily!
    It's a dog hair.
    As a matter on interes have you used polarized light on a CD case.
    The microscope set up looks brilliant I was thinking of asking Santa for one but Olympus have the E-5 out so assuming it offers a lot less noise without softening the image too much I'm in a quandary.

  4. Big clue there John. Must be a hair from Bobby lol

  5. Hi Adrian. I don't have the facility for polarised light - yet - not until I see such an add on sell for about 5p anyway ;) Also would like an objective which has a prism built in so light can be shone down through the lens for really close objects - again an expensive toy, even s/h.
    The new Olympus sounds attractive - main thing is to think which you will get more use out of for the money laid out.

  6. Hello Glo. It's no good being in my second childhood if I can't have fun as well ;)

  7. Hair of the dog, John, I would say. The microscope/camera is a very impressive looking set-up.

  8. John I'm an ignoramus but binocular scopes I belief offer this, as always it's the I wants that cost.

  9. Well the hair colour certainly matches Bobby! We'll have to call for a Crime Scene Investigator for a DNA match to be sure!

  10. I bet that's not just any hair from Bobby. I think it is a whisker.

  11. Many thanks for your guesses and well done all for the correct identification.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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