Monday, 8 November 2010

Macro on Monday - Guess What

As I hoped, last week's puzzle photo was easier. Yes - it was a dog hair - one of the hundreds Bobby deposits on my carpets every day.

rectangle_New-Out99999   P1010632

Gold stars all round to Glo, Adrian, Keith, Emma, Matron and Wilma. Well done all.

Now for this week's puzzle photo. 15 shots taken with the USB microscope camera at about 100x magnification, processed by CombineZP.


Clue: Not part of Mick Jagger's stage makeup.
No prizes for a correct identification, just for fun.

Nestbox News

Not only does the Great Tit continue to visit the nestbox but last night used it as a roost. The nestbox camera caught all the event so I should have some video clips for Friday. It was fascinating to watch how it turned itself into a birdy duvet to stay snug and warm.


  1. Moss is my best guess. It is a lovely image.

  2. Congratulations to us all on our gold stars :)

    Yes, good for you, Adrian - A rolling stone gathers no moss... I am enjoying the clues as much as the guessing the images ;) It looks pretty enough to be a piece of jewellery.

    The picture is brilliant in more than one way. OK now that I have seen the Macro Monday image, and we have set our clocks back an hour, it is late to get to bed. Hope you have a good week, and glad to hear that the nest box is in use. I like the sound of a birdy duvet about now.

  3. It definitely looks like the underside of the leaf of some lower vascular plant. Is it moss or is it a liverwort? Regardless, it is very beautiful. You can can see the how the individual cells butt up against each other like a very regular cobblestone. Great photo, John.

  4. Hi John, Congratulations to all the gold star winners. I didn't have any idea what it was last week until I saw other's suggestions so played fairly and didn't submit an answer. This week however I decided on moss before looking at the comments so will put my answer in with the rest. I will be honest though and say it was only your clue which led me to it, I have great difficulty trying to think what something would look like if reduced by 100%! It is a lovely photo though.

    Excellent news on the Great Tit John, it is looking promising for the Spring. It was probably in the best place last night if your weather was anything like ours, very cold and been raining all day today so far.

  5. No idea on the picture John, till I read the other comments lol
    That's great news about the Great Tit. Look forward to seeing the video of that.

  6. Jan and Keith: The Great Tit roosted in the nestbox again last night so at least it found somewhere dry to sleep. I just wish it would stop trying to make a new hole in the back of the box!

  7. Thanks once again to those who were brave enough to make a guess at the identity of the mystery photo.


Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Any comment, or correction to any information or identification I get wrong, is most welcome. John

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