Monday, 15 November 2010

Macro on Monday - Guess What

As always, the answer to last week's puzzle picture first.

rectangle_New-Out99999C   Moss

It was indeed a close look at one small part of a clump of moss which the birds had removed from my roof.
Gold Stars to Adrian, Glo and Jan who plumped for Moss. Wilma hedged her bets so I think a Silver Star there.

Now for the new puzzle photo.


Clue:  Too hot to handle? It will be later on.


  1. I haven't a clue but will guess at a fire lighter.

  2. Thank you for the gold star John, I have decided to take the earring fittings off the other two and put them all on my charm bracelet instead :)

    The best I can do here at the moment is perhaps an artificial coal on either an electric or gas fire. As usual not at all confident and if I get any better ideas I will come back and try again.

    Thanks John, it is always fun!

    P.S. HLH thinks my guess was rubbish, he has no better ideas though!! Only other thing I can think of is an unripened Chile Pepper.

  3. No idea John.............but I do enjoy trying to figure them out lol

  4. Hi there ~ thanks for the gold star :) When I read your hint of this week's puzzle, I thought of a red chile pepper ~ which I can see mentioned above as well.

    PS I will be taking a closer look at moss (which I have plenty of!) now that I've seen how beautiful it is through your micro-vision :)

  5. My guess is that it is glass of some kind. From your clue I will guess a ceramic casserole dish. Trying not to hedge my bets this time. ;-)


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