Friday, 1 July 2011

Friday at the Flicks - Moorhen, Rainy Weather

I don't see the Moorhen every day as sometimes it arrives while I'm still in the land of nod and leaves before we get up. On the whole I am pleased it doesn't stay all day. Since it arrived and decided water lily flowers were delicious I am lacking some colour in the pond.

Here an early morning visit:

The Moorhen may be smaller that a fat waddling Wood Pigeon but it is the only bird I have see attack one and drive it away from food.

Here the Moorhen went walkabout on the frame that supports the feeders and even spent a short while on the wires above. Unfortunately I missed recording it walk along the wires:

Finally another time when a Wood Pigeon took advantage of a rain storm to have a thorough shower. At one stage the rain was so heavy I thought it would knock the pigeon over.

Have a great weekend obsering the wildlife around you.


  1. That poor drenched pidgeon!

  2. The Moorhen on the wire is great John. Amazes me how they can do that, and climb through trees, with such ungainly looking feet.
    Love the pigeon video too, with the underarm shower :-)

  3. Thanks John, the Moorhen is I suspect a fixture now...........such elegant movers.
    The pigeon was enjoying the rain. I've noticed Starlings acting in a similar fashion.
    Another grand Friday......Thanks.

  4. Hello Nellie. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. The pigeons seem to love sitting out in the rain. They do it regularly here.

  5. Hello Keith. It's a shame I missed videoing the Moorhen carefully waling along the wire. I saw it fly for the first time today. Not very graceful ;)
    No BO with the local pigeons lol.

  6. For a while anyway, Adrian. Maybe until it's old enough to find a mate.
    Pigeons and starlings seem to enjoy getting thoroughly soaked.

  7. I looked forward to this post and then missed it on the day :( Great flicks again John. I do love the Rail family's feet and was amazed the Moorhen could perch on the wires, I think the little sparrow was amazed too :)

    My goodness, the Wood Pigeon got a soaking! We didn't have rain like that here during the week, just a spit and a spot now and then.

  8. I think the Woodie was taking a shower quite purposely John. They have a tendency to preen in and around water.

  9. Hello Jan. The woodies here seem to love a good vigorous shower. I was very surprised to see the Moorhen walk on the wire.

  10. I'm sure they were Roy. It's a regular occurrence here when there is heavy rain. It must get rid of some parasites.


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