Friday, 21 October 2011

Friday at the Flicks - Goldfinch Invasion, Restored 1943 Ford GPW

Up to last week the number of Goldfinches visiting the Birdy Bistro had been slowly increasing. There were far too many for them all to find perches so many had to make do hunting round the lawn and weeds to find food. The numbers decreased as the daytime temperatures dropped. Maybe other people have started to put out feeders for the Winter.

Now for something completely different. Roy, who lives in the village, has a great interest in old military vehicles. His latest project was restoring a 1943 Ford GPW which is now in full working order. I managed to grab a short piece of video one day as he drove down the lane. It is deliberately slow to give me time to take the video. This is a combination of some photos I took for his insurers who wanted records of everything and the piece of video.

Have fun observing the wildlife wherever you live.


  1. John, a charm in your own garden......wonderful.
    The Jeep is a work of art and dedication. I love this sort of hobby. I don't like Jeeps but can appreciate someone who does.

  2. Wonderful to see the Goldfinches (and the couple of Greens) raiding the Nyer feeders.

    I noticed in the past year that other people started feeding the local birds also. With the increase of new houses and closeby, the birds were decreasing.

    Your friend did a good job on the jeep.

  3. It was a wonderful charm Adrian.
    Restoring such things is an expensive big boys hobby.

  4. Hello Yoke. Yes, there are a few Greenfinches as well as the Goldies. New homes usually means bare gardens with little shelter for visiting birds.Hopefully it gets better as the gardens mature.

  5. What a lovely invasion John! They certainly look like they're enjoying that! Have you joined "Birding the Net" yet? Great way to spot birds and prizes to boot! Here's the link in case you're interested :

  6. The incasion only lasted a short while. Back to just a few at a time again now. Thank you for the link Maree. I will have a look at that.


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