Friday, 14 October 2011

Friday at the Flicks - Greenfinch

I didn't have anything new last Wednesday for the Wings and today is no better as the weather has been awful most of the week with lighting levels less than an average mid winter. Here is a short video of a Greenfinch which visited the feeders last March - good job I have a few clips which I haven't uploaded yet.

Easy to tell yesterday was a 13th. Decided to update my iPad1 to the latest iOS5 and wished I hadn't bothered. All told it took 12 hours to get the iPad back to a reasonable, though not fully, working order. Looking round some of the blogs I see I was far from being alone in having problems. The installation of the new operating system seemed to go smoothly but when it came to restoring all the apps there were many problems, crashes, loud ungentlemanly mutterings and lots of cold cups of tea.

One 'bright light in a wicked world'  A favourite free app of mine is 'eBook Search' which is great for finding and downloading free ebooks on the iPad. This stopped downloading with iOS5 so I emailed Patrick Thompson, the founder of Inkstone Software, who maintains the app and within a few hours he had an updated version available for download. I tested that. Brilliant, it is now back to a fully working piece of software.


  1. It has been an awful week.
    Glad the Ipad is sorted. A bit of kit I've resisted........a good job by the sound of things.
    It's brighter today so things should start looking up.

  2. I'm an Android man myself.
    I heard about all the issues with the updating on the net.
    Glad you got it sorted now.

  3. Sort of sorted Adrian, but still not 100%.

  4. I was Keith until one app made my phone keep rebooting over and over. It took over a week to sort that out.


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