Friday, 28 October 2011

Friday at the Flicks - Squirrel Raider - Hedgehog

The same morning I took the photos of a Grey Squirrel helping itself to some peanuts I managed to grab some video clips. It hasn't been back since Sunday so I guess it's raiding someone else's bird feeders.

Soundtrack produced using the iPad app Loopseque (free version).
(Patiently waiting for an update so it will work with iOS5)

Every now and then I check the camera view in the nestbox. There are a number of fluffy feathers which were not there the previous week so someone has shown an interest. In fact the last time there were so many small feathers was when two birds had a battle over who was going to use the nest. So far it hasn't been used as a night roost.

 Still from the nest box camera:
2011 10 22 204042

I still see a Hedgehog from time to time and most of the food disappears every night so at least one is still awake.

A few nights ago I nearly had to rescue the Hedgehog. It was at the water dish drinking when Bobby went out. As Bobby neared the hog it started to curl up. Unfortunately it was curling with its nose under water and I could see bubbles rising so I quickly called Bobby away and it soon scuttled off..


  1. You are on the ball this Friday. Squirrels are amazingly agile. An entertaining video.

  2. I'm sure the nesting box will be used before long John, with these colder nights now.

  3. Excellent couple of videos. Out of interest what are you using for the nest box cam and night time filming? Adam @ My Life Outside

  4. Adrian: For once I prepared things the day before.

  5. I hope so Roy. No other signs of occupation as yet.

  6. Adam: Thank you for visiting and for leaving a comment.

    The Hedgehog night time filming uses the camera which can be seen here:

    On the expensive side but has the advantage of a zoom lens and adjustable focus. (Colour in daylight, b/w at night using its own Infra Red lighting.)

    The nest box camera came with the nest box which I bought in a sale at a local garden centre.

    These, and others, are wired back to a DVR (digital video recorder) which starts recording when movement is detected. Not a perfect solution as it pauses 30 seconds after the last movement detected. Many can be found on eBay.

    Also used is a EzCap USB device which takes the video output from the DVR so it can be seen on the PC using Debut Video Capture software (free version).

    Hope this helps. John


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