Monday, 31 October 2011

Macro on Monday - Halloween


IMG_0122 Halloween

No - that isn't the Guess What?
Just me playing around with the app Hallows Eve HD on the iPad.
The village churchyard with a few added extras.

First congratulations and   gold star   go to Richard and Adrian who correctly identified the Yew in last week's Guess What.

Page_1    P1030191c  Yew

This week's Guess What has a Halloween theme.


(Not exactly  a macro!)
Can you identify what was used as the character in this video clip?

Video made using the iPad app Morfo Booth, fortunately before I loaded iOS5 as the app no longer works properly and the company hasn't even bothered to acknowledge the report I sent them.

As always, no prizes, just for fun.


Finally a Halloween greeting from Bobby


Animated GIFs found on Curlys Halloween site.


  1. Unless it's John I haven't a clue.
    A good fun post.

  2. Great to have new toys to play with.
    I'm going along with Adrian's guess; your good self.

  3. Ooooooooooooo....Spooky or what? My goodness I'll be awake all night now. You've certainly outdone yourself, and obviously you'll have scared the living daylights of Eric...he wouldn't dare drop in for Halloween treats! You've fixed him then! ;)

    Sorry I have been AWOL...but I have been reading and enjoying. I even missed out on some gold stars by falling off the participant wagon. Hopefully I'll hop back on and redeem myself.

    Is that you being scary? I hope Bobby has returned to his more gentle nature, at least until next Halloween. Verrrry effective effects :)

  4. Happy Halloween Bobby! Hope you coped with the fireworks OK. Leo was fine! We now think that somewhere in his history he may have been gundog trained, so he never reacts to bangs at all. Doorbells and jingles however send him up the wall!

  5. Hello Matron. Bobby usually sleeps right through any firework noises. At one stage he was outside when a couple of rockets exploded and took no notice of them. Like Leo, Bobby goes crackers when the door bell rings.


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