Saturday, 19 November 2011

Female Blackcap

The extra plank I put on the Birdy Bistro seems to be doing the job of attracting birds which prefer not to sit on feeder perches. Today I got a very brief glimpse of a bird I haven't seen in the garden before now. Hopefully it was a female Blackcap.

My thanks to Keith (Caldecotte Lake) for a confirmation of its ID. In fact it was seeing the small birds feeding on the bridge rails in his videos which gave me the idea of putting up a flat surface for the birds to feed on.

Poor, rushed photos taken just before it disappeared:



It returned later giving a few more opportunities for a better shot:



  1. The plank seems to be doing a good job. Last shot is a beauty.

  2. Adrian: It's a pity that the Birdy Bistro is in shadow for most of the day this time of year. Seeing all the birds feeding on the bridge rails in Keith's videos inspired the plank idea and the local birds seem to like it.

  3. John, spot on with the ID. A lovely female Blackcap.
    Good idea with the plank. Hope you get plenty more visitors.

  4. Thanks for the confirmation Keith.
    I live in hopes lol.

  5. I like your ingenuity on behalf of the birds!

  6. John, just wanted to pop by to say Hello and say thanks for all the comments and chat we have exchanged over the last five years. :-)

    I’ve been absolutely delighted to see your female Blackcap. I can confirm ID too after seeing them in my garden a couple of winters back. Nice pics you have. It has been fat cake and apple they have enjoyed in my garden.

    I found the female Blackcap to fit in with the other garden residents very well. The male (not seen for a few years now) I found to be quite aggressive towards the other birds. I had a male a female one winter (usually January here) and interestingly enough they didn’t feed in the garden at the same time.

    I bet you’ve been thrilled with your new visitor. Hope she hangs around a while. I’ve been told they may just feed up in my garden as they head South. The longest we have ever seen them has been a week. Enjoy :-D

  7. Random stranger commenting.... I really like your photography! You're cool!


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