Monday, 28 November 2011

Macro on Monday - Guess What + Internet Radio

Well, well. Yet again I get to keep all the virtual gold stars to myself. Last week's Guess What was a close view of some sheep's wool I found blowing down the lane some time ago.

IMG_5321     Sheep's Wool

Maybe this week things will be a bit easier.
Guess What:

No prizes, just for fun.

Internet Radio
It is only fairly recently that I have found the pleasure of listening to radio through the internet. Being a founder member of the Grumpy Old Man community I find a lot of modern so called comedy far from funny and do not see the need for foul language to make a joke funny, just the opposite. It was a real pleasure when I tried a couple of apps on the iPad to access internet radio sites. My first search was for comedy channels, UK comedy as a lot of modern US humour goes straight over my head.

I was overjoyed to find which has a large variety of stations for all tastes. My favourites being 'The Goon Show' and 'British Comedy' channels. Also found was PumpkinFM, for their 'British Comedy' channel. On a different theme another favourite of mine is The UK 1940s Radio Station which broadcasts swing / big band music from that era. On the music side I like a wide variety of styles from classical through to some of the 'head banging' modern styles and there are stations to cater for all of this.

I soon got dissatisfied with the sound from the small speaker in the iPad and bought a Roberts internet radio. It refused to connect to my wireless internet connection, even after more than an hour of help from the Roberts help line. Fortunately it works well through a firewire connection to the router but I would have liked it portable rather than tethered.

Roberts Internet Radio


  1. I am going to guess it's a pond snail.
    You're set up now. I tried Pumkin but could find no ready way to access it. I have reverted to I player which also has the Goon Show among several others.

  2. Adrian: Click on the Pumpkin link in the text above. Down the right hand side of the screen should be a list of their channels. Click on one of the icons at the bottom of a channel name box. Clicking the radio should bring up a new page with the player showing under the channel descriptions.

  3. John, I'm late to the party once again, but I wouldn't have guessed sheep's wool, which does make sense after reading the clue. I thought it might be the fluffy bits at the base of a
    feather, as in eider-down-like.

    Agree with your take on humour and enjoy the British variety. Crass humour turns me off as well. I have been admiring your photos and video in previous posts, and especially liked the black-capped bird (although its head isn't very black ;))

    The internet radio looks great, but as you say, too bad it won't work with your wireless. I'm sure if there is a way, you'll find it eventually.

  4. My guess for this week is a slug, although Adrian's guess of a pond snail sounds very probable.

  5. Glo: If a male had turned up you would have seen one with a black cap. At least it makes it easy to tell which is which.

    I don't have a wireless router so my wifi is an extra bit of gear which plugs in the PCs USB port. Unfortunately the radio won't talk to it though the iPad has no problems.

  6. snail of some sort.
    boy, was I off the mark last week!

  7. OK ~ I've changed my mind to a pond snail ;)


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